Baroque Bohemian Cats' Tarot Sample Reading by Diane Wilkes

The querent asked for a reading regarding his home and job. He didn't "feel comfortable at either of them" anymore and had started packing his bags in both places. We decided a three card reading would be a good beginning at exploring what was going on. The first card addressed his home situation, the second his career in general, and lastly, an advice card for making the best of both situations.


Card One - Home:        Justice

I immediately noticed that this card and the querent's second card, for his career, was a Swords card, which made it a rather cerebral concern in both cases. We talked about possibly overanalyzing things and, at the same time, being over-ruled by emotion. Both cards indicated that this was a time of impasse and sober reflection. The querent needed to take his emotions into consideration, but not be overly influenced by them so that he couldn't make smart decisions. His intellect had to rule his heart for any change to be positive for him--yet he had to walk a tricky line, as any decision he made had to keep his heart in mind. He was feeling the need to make some drastic decisions, and this was also highlighted by such a stark card.

The querent's home is probably quite aesthetically interesting and reflects his powerful artistic sense--the character on Justice is one strong cat. The card depicts Egyptian images and in the background is what looks like a European city, which indicated that he might need to travel and/or move. Slicing away emotional ties and beginning somewhere where his strengths would be justly recognized was something we had talked about in the past, and seemed to fit in here. It also indicated that this shift was a healthy one, even though it felt drastic and intense.

Card Two - Work:        Two of Swords

The querent felt "stuck" and that he was "literally going crazy."  The Two of Swords doesn't have its usual impasse feel to it in this deck and suggests that his career is literally in his hands, because it depicts a cat holding two large swords together, almost as if she is tempering them, getting them ready to be fired up. You can practically hear the sound they make as they rub together. There's a willingness to fight that you don't usually see in this card--and perhaps that was true of the querent, too--he had been at an impasse for a long period but was finally getting ready to temper his own steel.

The two swords indicated that he had two possible ways to go--two possible ways to strike out and make changes, so there was a decision to make between them--or to apply himself to both and see which led to the best results.

Card Three - Advice:        Four of Wands

The next card was numbered four, which combined the two first cards--Justice is often numbered 11, and 1+1=2)  + 2. He needed to literally double his efforts and move on. The author sees this card as one of taking a bold step, "opening up to new Bohemian possibilities." The querent needed to move from air and "face the fire," put himself in a position to move on. At first glance, I thought it was another Sword card, but the fire made me think even more that the advice was to galvanize himself for action, not stay in the realm of air-thought.

This depiction of the Four of Wands doesn't show a marriage or a couple under a chuppah. Instead, it looks like a rather fierce cat holding a bouquet of flowers with another cat behind her, looking on. This led me to think romance isn't in the cards where the querent presently lives, but if he moves, he would be appreciated for his golden qualities (the cat is orange). More than that, the key to moving on was to start garnering his own bouquets, so to speak, recognize all he had already accomplished. I advised the querent to metaphorically pelt himself with flowers, in terms of the way he presents himself to potential employers. While the card really doesn't show the cat holding a bouquet, that's what it looks like, and I advised the querent to hold up his bouquet of accomplishments like a triumphant beauty queen.

The querent is a bit of a romantic. He mentioned moving somewhere that was personally undesirable simply because he had had a very short-termed online dialogue with someone he found attractive. I asked him if the two air cards suggested he throw caution to the winds and follow his heart, and he had to acknowledge that they indicate the exact opposite message. It certainly wasn't his discerning Justice/Two of Swords brain talking. Justice wanted to cuff him with her Sword--painfully!

The querent needs to see himself as deserving of Four of Wands recognition, which he has earned. He needs to be bold--the Four of Wands cat is wearing a royal red velvet skirt that screams triumph. So, while he was overthinking things at the moment (yet being led by his own emotions!), the advice was fire--move, act, go, a manner that befits his strength and power, things that he doesn't see in himself but are manifestly obvious to others. The advice was to use his intellect...prepare those resumes as if he were selling someone else he admired and respected. As he packed his things, he would be sending a positive message of removing
himself from the things that no longer served him, a kind of symbolic, ritualistic magic. All of these cards were Yang cards, Swords and Fire. "Get a move on, boy!" was the ultimate message here.

Images 2004 Baba of Prague
Reading and page 2004 Diane Wilkes