I Cani del Mondo (Dogs of the World) - Review by Michele Jackson

This deck is a canine version of the Gatti Buffi by Osvaldo Menegazzi. The cards are the same size at 3 3/8 X 5 inches. This is an art deck whose sole purpose is to be cute. It is very successful. The images are line drawings on cream colored, textured card stock. They have a star-studded border with Suns in each corner. The card name is in the bottom border in Italian and the card number is in the top border. Most of the more popular dog breeds are represented here. The Empress is a Dalmatian, while the Emperor is a sturdy Bulldog. The Chariot is what looks to me like a Pomeranian riding in a wagon. Death is a Doberman Pinscher and Temperance is an Afghan Hound, whose long flowing coat complements the water flowing from the urn beside her. The Tower shows a fearful Beagle on the edge of a lightening struck edifice, and the Moon is the ever popular German Shepherd. The deck ends with a Saint Bernard on the top of the World. The backs are reversible, but not very attractive.

The deck is beautifully packaged as are all Il Meneghello decks. It is wrapped in a black sleeve that slides into a red book like cover, tied with black ribbon. The little booklet is the standard generic sheet provided with all Il Meneghello decks and it is written in Italian. The deck is hand numbered from a limited edition of 2000. I recommend this deck for collectors and dog lovers. I got mine from Alida.

22 Arcani Maggiori I Cani del Mondo
Artist: Osvaldo Menegazzi


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