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This novelty deck/book set is written for Cats from a Cat’s point of view. The deck is Majors only. The art is good, with bright colors and good detail. Obviously the scenes on each card have Cats instead of people, and most breeds are represented. The deck and book are packaged together in a slip sleeve box. The entire set is about the size of a slim trade paperback. The creator of this deck was quite imaginative in conveying the meaning of the card within this framework. The Magician uses a book of matches, a feather, a can of tuna and a mouse to depict the four elements. The Empress is a beautiful Chinchilla curled up on a cushioned garden bench with her kittens. Strength shows a small kitten holding the snout of a large German Shepherd, and the Devil is a Doberman Pinscher. The best part of this set is the book. A small hard cover, it provides a brief introduction to Tarot cards and explains each cards symbolism and meaning. Here’s a sample:

The Empress

The Empress represents the tangible aspects of life: growth, fertility, creativity, stability.

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The White Chinchilla rests contentedly with her kittens, epitomizing universal fertility and the eternal cycle of life. Surrounded by opulent silk and soft cushions, she manifests a spoiled and lavish, even dissipated lifestyle, a comfortable acceptance of expensive material possessions, and an expectation for the best of all things. The heart, a symbol of Venus, reflects her caring and compassion for her kittens, while the four lush blooms signify the vibrant energy of life. Through the window the bright greens of early spring stand for birth, growth, and the cycle of the seasons.


As Your key Card

You have surrounded yourself with comfort and your domestic situation is secure. You optimize every opportunity to maximize your contentment, pleasure, and self gratification, at the expense of your human when necessary.

From Tarot for Cats, pages 10 and 11

This humorous deck is a must for Cat Loving Tarot enthusiasts. Collectors will find it interesting as well. Look for it in the Humor section of your local bookstore. See Tarot for Cats

Tarot for Cats
By Regen Dennis, Illustrated by Kipling West
ISBN: 0-02-860828-3
List Price: $14.95

Review Copyright 1996/97 Michele Jackson
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