The Cauldron Layout by Eva Yaa Asantewaa

I've always been drawn to the pagan symbolism of the cauldron, and I've loved the fact that cauldrons were mundane, household objects that could double as magickal tools without drawing unwanted attention from the forces of repression. This Tarot layout may be used for divination or as a diagram to plan and activate magickal action. Use your most beautiful and witchy deck, and call in your spirits.

The Diagram:


  2            8
  3     1     7
  4     5     6


Card 1: What's Cookin' -- the issue, problem, concern, or project in question. Carefully select an appropriate card to represent this concern. You will place it inside the "cauldron" shape that will be formed by the remaining cards. This first, central position should deal with one item only, not a number of separate items. However, if you'd like to place more than one card in the cauldron to adequately identify this singular issue, problem, concern, or project (e.g., 6 of Cups + plus one or two pentacle cards that might signify your desire for growth and stability in a romantic relationship), you may do so. Space your cards to make your cauldron roomy. But cook only one thing at a time in your cauldron.

Body of the Cauldron:

Cards 2 & 8: What forces receive, contain, and protect it? These cards sit at the "rim" of the cauldron, on either side.

Card 3 & 7: What forces shape (influence) it? These cards form the sides of the cauldron and sit just below cards 2 & 8.

Cards 4 & 6: What forces support it? These cards are at either side of the bottom of the cauldron, sitting just below cards 3 & 7.

Card 5: The Hot Spot. What force catalyzes it? Bottom of the cauldron, between the 4 & 6 cards.

Handle of the Cauldron:

Card 9: Querent's Handle. What is the querent's role in the overall process?  This card, of course, sits at the very top of the layout.

Eva Yaa Asantewaa maintains a private practice that includes Tarot-based counseling, channeling, shamanic journeying, dreamwork, energy healing modalities, and meditation coaching. A popular community educator as well as arts journalist and poet, Eva has over 25 years experience exploring consciousness, creativity, and transformation.  Eva moderates GlobalTarot  and is editor/writer of the weekly Tarot eNewsletter, DancingWorld.







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