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This is a Major Arcana - only art deck done in a cartoon-like style. The cards measure 3 3/16" X 5 5/16". The card names and numbers are in the top border in Italian. The backs are reversible. The cards are a fairly heavy card stock, coated with a glossy coating on the fronts only. A few of the card names have been changed. The Magician is Il Ciabattino (the image shows a cobbler) and the Hierophant is Il Druido, which I will guess means The Druid. Justice is eight and Strength is 11. I wish that I could read Italian because there seems to be some type of joke running through the cards that I am not getting. For instance, most of the cards have a piece of sausage in the scene. A striped worm also makes frequent appearances. The setting for this deck seems to be a strange world, where fingers and hands grow out of the ground, horses have two heads (Il Carro), feet have heads and horns (Il Druido), and bones fly through the air on wings (Il Morte). The colors are clear and the scenes are nicely detailed. The art is good, but the style is not one that I find appealing. The medium appears to be pen and ink. There is some violence - the Fool is cut in half and the Devil has someone cooking in his cauldron. The sausage also seems to get speared, sliced and stabbed occasionally. Violence notwithstanding, the deck is obviously meant to be humorous.

There is no little booklet for this deck. There is a fold out sheet written in Italian that seems to be talking about the artist, Benito Jacovitti. There are no card descriptions or card meanings. The cards are wrapped in a cardboard sleeve that slides into a case.

I recommend this deck for collectors.

Tarocchi dei Celti (Jacovitti)
Publisher: Lo Scarabeo/ Distributor: Llewellyn Publishing

Images Copyright 1991 Benito Jacovitti

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