Chakra Tarot - Review by Michele Jackson

This deck by Carol Herzer combines the images of the Waite-Smith Major Arcana with mandalas designed by the artist. The deck consists of 29 cards: 22 Major Arcana cards and 7 chakra cards. The Major Arcana cards measure 2 1/2" X 3 3/4". The chakra cards are somewhat smaller at 2 1/2" X 3 1/4". The deck is also available in two larger sizes (see below). The Major Arcana have the traditional names with the following exceptions: Card 0 The Flying Man, Card V - The Initiate, Card VII- The Will, Card XI - Kundalini, Card XII - The Unconscious, Card XIII - Transformation, and Card XX - Awakening.

Herzer connects the chakras to the tarot by ordering the chakras in pairs. There are 21 possible pairs of the seven chakras. The Flying Man (card 0) includes all seven chakras. The chakras are paired starting with the lowest to the highest. For example, the Magician contains chakras one and two (root and sex). The High Priestess contains chakras one and three (root and power). The Empress contsins chakras two and three (sex and power)., etc.

The art consists of a large multicolored mandala, utilizing the colors assigned to each chakra. The persons and scenes from the Waite-Smith Major Arcana are cleverly worked into the chakra design. The seven chakra cards do not have any scenes, just the central manadala. All of the cards have some white, which the artist uses to represent "pure light and prana."

The little booklet that comes with the deck provides a description of the scene along with some interpretive information. There is a section describing how to use the deck, including the seven chakra cards. A brief section of chakra basics is also included.

I recommend this deck for those interested in using the energies of the chakra system in conjunction with Tarot. As always, Herzer's art is conducive to meditative work, and the handmade container, in this case a slip sleeve case, is beautiful. I especially like the backs of the smaller chakra cards. I have the smaller deck, but it is my understanding that the large version has handpainted highlights added to the prints by the artist.





The Hermit's light is Fire, it is the inner Sun of the solar plexus and 3rd Chakra Power Center. Standing on a mountaintop, he lights the path to illumination, to awareness of the subtle inner worlds. The Aetheric element and Throat Chakra opens us to underlying patterns and vibrations, to awareness of the energy body and different levels of existence on up to communication with inner guides, spirits, masters and angels. Aether, the fifth element, is the origin and source of the first four, Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The Hermit reminds us of our source and leads the way to being open and feeling connected to the universe. The Hermit is our teacher and guide as we learn to express ourselves as creative individuals. If the Power Chakra is imbalanced, inappropriate expression of Ego, personality and individuality may [be] the result. The Hermit card suggests a time for guidance, education and inner work.

See one of the seven chakra cards


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