The Healing Tarot - Review by C.J. Rose heal16.jpg (14280 bytes)
by Rev. Jennifer Elizabeth Moore
self-published, 1997, <>
traditional card titles
eight: Strength; eleven: Justice
suits are wands, cups, swords and pentacles
courts are daughter, son, woman and man
illustrated pips, captions
backs symmetrical
purpose: The Tower

Here we have a truly awesome meld of tradition and innovation. These photographic
collages were conceived on April Fools Day, 1989 and completed eight years later at
the Lammas as a celebration of the divine. Using original masks, ritual and sacred
space, all work in this deck was intended as an act of prayer.

Experiencing it is also transformational. One vacillates from How did she do that?
to profound delight in the accomplishment. As remarkable as the costumes and the
body painting, are the gardens and lakeshores where the scenes are set. This is the
epitome of art, startling the viewer with colors and concepts so creative Tarot will
never be the same.

We feel the seasons in these dramas. The court cups especially touch this reviewer.
The daughter blows bubbles from a chalice as she straddles a tree trunk which snakes
into water whose refractions dazzle. The son stands waist-deep in water so still the
reflection draws us under to the place where his chalice breaks surface. The woman
is a mermaid wrapped in iridescent chiffon holding her chalice at seashore. The man
wears the mask of Neptune/Poseidon, listening to a conch, offering us the chalice.

This Fool wears Groucho glasses. This Magician holds a caduceus. This Priestess
presides among river rocks. This Empress is naked and pregnant. This Emperors orb
is the planet. This Hierophants mudra is I Love You in sign language. These Lovers
combine innocence and sensuality. This Chariot wears a winged breast plate. This
Strength is Eve in communion with serpent. This Hermit manifests light in his palm.
This Wheel is a mask with haunting eyes. This Justice balances in a golden ring.
This Hanged One lets us feel it. This Death meets life who offers light. This
Temperance is barefoot on ice. This Devil is hidden among our stuff. This Tower
releases light. This Star wears the best mask of all. This Moon has women stand in
for the gateway. This Sun is a child in rapture. This Judgment is barefoot on
broken glass. This World toys with us.

Invited to yield up a card to speak for the deck, The Healing Tarot offers The
Tower. This set of symbols blows the socks off what you've ever dreamed, felt, known
and sensed about Tarot.

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Review Copyight 1998 C.J. Rose

Images Copyright 1997 Rev. Elizabeth Moore

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