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A Review by C.J. Rose

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The Angel Tarot
this one claims no author
pub Angel Playing card Mfg. Co. Ltd. of Japan
distributed by U.S. Games since 1980
traditional card titles
eight: Justice; eleven: Strength
suits are wands, cups, swords and pentacles
courts are page, knight, queen and king
no illustrated pips, no captions
backs symmetrical
purpose: Temperance

Not to be confused with Angels Tarot, this is one of the first complete Tarot decks
to originate in Japan and that’s about all that’s original about it.   Medieval
color-tones characterize this deck.  The predominate browns, oranges and reds
incorporate several western decks.

Asked what it might say to recommend itself to our use, The Temperance card, from
Stuart Kaplan’s LWB has this to say, “This card depicts the virtue of Temperance as a
winged angel robed in heavy, flowing garments and pouring liquid from one urn to
another.  The essence of life flows between the two vessels – symbolic of the flowing
of the past through the present and into the future.  The urns symbolize moderation
and frugality.  The pouring of the liquid from the higher urn held in the left hand
to the lower urn clasped in the right hand – without spilling its contents –
symbolizes great discipline….

“The angel of (this deck) possesses moderation and self-restraint.  She is secure and
self-reliant, able to live within the modest needs of her position.

“Divinatory Meanings: ….  Patience.  That which can be accomplished through
self-control….  Accommodation.  Harmony.  The mixing or bringing together into
perfect union.  Management.  Compatibility.  Fusion.  Adjustment.    Good influence.
Fortunate omen.  Consolidation.  Successful combination.  Ability to recognize and
utilize the material and intellectual manifestations available to oneself.”

Maybe so.  This one goes in my barter pile.

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