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Review by C.J. Rose
by R.J. Stewart, illustrated by Stuart Littlejohn
pub The Aquarian press, an imprint of HarperCollins, 1993
non-traditional card titles
non-traditional card order
suits are salamanders, undines, sylphs and gnomes
courts are child, herald, queen and king
no illustrated pips, captions
backs non-symmetrical
purpose: Ten of Gnomes

The Dreampower Tarot is subtitled, The Three Realms of Transformation in the Underworld. If you enjoy being flummoxed, you will love this deck! R. J. Stewart
also created the Merlin Tarot, which he consulted, asking those characters to describe their ideal deck. This intends to be that.

He admonishes his readers to follow his detailed procedures to the letter. Namely 1)
lay out the deck according to proscribed patterns; 2) read the book from beginning to
end with individual cards in front of you, skipping exercises until you have read the
whole book; 3) do not use this deck to read with until you have worked with methods
unique to it; 4) visualize and attune according to appendices one and two, in that
order; 5) do not compare this deck to other Tarots and 6) read only with patterns

Reading the book from beginning to end excludes us with references about which we
must remain in the dark until were deemed ready to be clued in. For instance, we
are asked to read descriptions of the Stone Realm, the Pearl Realm and the Whirlpool
Realm before we know how these might fit into a deck with 22 trumps, 16 courts, 40
number cards and two keys. This effectively informs us of locks we never noticed
confining our consciousness(es).

Evidently all four elements are present to various degrees in these three realms.
Aha! These realms are divided into positions which bear the same name as the
trumps, six to each, one to bridge each two in each direction. Its as though we
read the Celtic Cross with a deck whose trumps were called This Covers You, This
Crosses You, This is Beneath You, etc. and which trumps might show up in any

Despite the authoritarian forbidding of comparison, I have deduced the following card
titles in arbitrary order (noted):
The Fool: The Gate (2)
The Magician: The Choir (6)
The Priestess: The Sleeper (5)
The Empress: The Maiden (13)
The Emperor: The Raptor (14)
The Hierophant: The Teller (1)
The Lovers: Division (7)
The Chariot: (Arousal (8)
Strength: The maker (17)
The Hermit: Becoming (15)
The Wheel: The Table (3)
Justice: The Stairway (12)
The Hanged Man: The Knower (21)
Death: The Opener (10)
Temperance: Conjunction (16)
The Devil: The Tangler (9)
The Tower: The Maze (18)
The Star: The Whirlpool (20)
The Moon: The Stone (4)
The Sun: The Seed Pearl (11)
Judgment: The Observatory (19)
The World: The Void (22)

The Cards are not named, so, without the book, this association would leave us as
baffled as everything else about this non-Tarot deck which claims Tarot in its title
and then refutes the claim. Invited to name its purpose, the deck relinquished the
Ten of Gnomes, subtitled Proliferation. As in, growth by rapid production of new
parts? Ayup. This astonishing art works for barter.

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