Archetypes on the Tree of Life by Madonna Compton                    Review by Michele Jackson
This book deals with pathworking on the Tree of Life. It has a brief introduction to the Tree of Life and the Qabala, but it is too cursory to be of use to anyone not already familiar with the subject. There is a chapter devoted to each path which starts with an explanation of the path and its associated Tarot card. The work is based on BOTA teachings and incorporates mythology, and psychology, particularly Carl Jung. There is a table of correspondances for the path which includes over a dozen correspondances. This is followed by a suggested exercise on how to use the lessons of each path in your daily life. A guided visualization is next and finally, a list of affirmations.
The book is written on a level which should be easily understandable by anyone with a working knowledge of the Tree of Life. The writing style is interesting and Compton touches on a wide range of subjects in each chapter.
Archetypes on the Tree of Life: The Tarot as Pathwork
Author: Madonna Compton
ISBN: 0875421040
Price: $12.95 paperback

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The 27th path is called the Active or Exciting Intelligence because "through it is consumated and perfected the nature of every existent being..." The Tarot key certainly looks exciting, albeit, at first glance, somewhat ominous. The intelligence itself means "to be tumultuous." Exoteric interpretations of the card generally are somewhat pessimistic, offering at best words such as "upheaval" or "transformation" As usual when we dive into the deeper esoteric meanings of the Path through Qabala, new vistas unfold.

(Archetypes on the Tree of Life, page 89)

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