Cosmo Meditations

Copyright 1988, Carol Herzer


A tree with it's roots in the sky is symbolic of the uprooting and opening of the hidden, repressed, unconscious parts of a person's mind. This card can indicate self sacrifice, martyrdom and vulnerability. It is the 12th House card, suggesting psychic sensativity and egolessness. There is a reversal of perceptions and realities are uncertain and changing.

This deck is one of artist Carol Herzer's early works. It is based on the Major arcana and has been linked to Astrology. The cards are large (5" X 7") and are photographs of her original paintings attached to a card backing. You can see a similar deck (the Astrotaro, mislabeled as the CosmoTarot) in Stuart Kaplan's Encyclopedia of Tarot, Volume III, pages 148 - 149, and in Rachel Pollack's The New Tarot. Boxed in a slip sleeve case, it comes with an explanatory booklet. It is available from the artist's website.



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