Cosmo Astrotaro 

The Major Arcana of this deck was the artistic source for Carol Herzer's Cosmo Meditations. Herzer describes this deck as follows: Originally called the Astrotaro. This deck is listed as Astrotaro in Rachel Pollack's New Tarot and as Cosmo Tarot in Kaplan's Encyclopedia, Vol 3.   I have the medium sized deck, which measures 2 1/2 X 4 inches. Instead of 24 cards, it has 56 cards. The card number and name are in the bottom left border and the astrological correspondence is in the bottom right border. This version also has the traditional name in parentheses when appropriate. I say "when appropriate," because some of Herzer's Majors do not fit neatly into the traditional mold. 

As previously mentioned, this deck has more cards than Cosmo Meditations. There have been a few name changes and there is no Chiron card. The 56 cards are:

23 Major Arcana (Cosmo Meditations has 24)

0 The Wave - 1st House

8 Perfection (Justice) - 8th House

16 Awakening - Uranus

1 The Magician - 3rd House

9 The Guide - Jupiter

17 Illumination - 9th House

2 Goddess (Priestess) - Moon

10 The Wheel of Life - 10th House

18 The Threshold - 4th House

3 Love (Empress) - Venus

11 Kundalini - Mercury

19 Cosmic Consciousness - Sun

4 Ego (Emperor) - Mars

12 The Unconscious - 12th House

20 Regeneration - 11th House

5 The Initiate - 5th House

13 Ego Death - Pluto

21 Heaven World - 2nd House

6 The Path - 6th House

14 Temperance - Neptune

23 Collective Karma - Comet

7 The Will - 7th House

15 Veil of Illusion - Saturn

12 Astrological Aspects













The Four Aces

Wands - Growth - Fire

Swords - Thoughts - Air

Disks - Productivity - Earth

Cups - Emotions - Water

Elements (Knights)

Fire - Spirit

Air - Mind

Earth - Body

Water - Soul

12 Zodiac Signs = Court Cards and a Lunar Node/Eclipse Card

The art is beautiful and is enhanced by a better printing process that renders the colors truer to the original paintings. The colors are much brighter and crisper. It is also easier to see the details, even though this deck is smaller than my copy of the 24 card Cosmo Meditations. Herzer has also improved her laminating process. Her decks are handmade, but do not seem so. They are flexible, glossy and they shuffle just as well, if not better, than mass-produced decks. The lamination probably makes them much more durable. The art style is abstract. The backs are reversible.

This deck comes with five little booklets. The booklets are:

Meditations - This booklet has the meanings for the Major Arcana and a description of what Herzer calls Complementary Pairs. This information is also included with the deck Cosmo Meditations.

The Aspects and the Tarot ~ Complementary Pairs - This booklet describes the meanings for the Majors and Herzer's Complementary Pairs system. This booklet is from the earlier photo edition of this deck and the meanings and card names are slightly different.

Signs and Houses - Describes the Zodiac Sign cards and the cards of the Major Arcana that relate to the 12 houses.

Elements, Aspects and Signs - Describes the Element, Aspect and Sign cards. The sign cards are best described in the previous book. They are only mentioned here briefly.

Card Reading - This booklet describes all of the cards and provides instructions for a Celtic Cross Spread.

As you can guess, knowledge of astrology would be helpful in using this deck. The Major Arcana, Element, and suit cards could be separated and used for those who do not know astrology. The deck could also be used as an aid to learning astrology, but a basic astrology text would be helpful, as the booklets are limited by theiir brevity. For those who are familiar with astrology, the uses of this deck are only limited by the imagination. One could lay out the cards for their natal chart, or use the deck for divination. 

The deck comes in a drawstring bag. It is available in two sizes that are listed below. I recommend this deck for those familiar with astrology that are looking for a way to combine tarot and astrology, for collectors and for those who are looking for something different. Herzer's abstract art is conducive to meditation.

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You can order this deck from the artist's website or by email.

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