The Creative Process Spread - Based on Eric Maiselís Six Stages of the Creative Process
By Diane Wilkes

Eric Maisel, author of Fearless Creating and many other books, breaks the creative process down into six stages. He believes that anxiety attends every step of the creative process, and says thatís a good thing.

"If you are to create, you must invite anxiety in. But then you must manage it." -- Eric Maisel

Stage                                     Anxiety                                             Solution


1. Wishing                             Hungry Mind                                    Appropriate Feeding

2. Choosing                          Confused Mind                                 Appropriate Clarity

3. Starting                             Weakened Mind                              Appropriate Strength

4. Working                           Chaotic Mind                                   Appropriate Order

5. Completing                       Critical Mind                                   Appropriate Appraising

6. Showing                            Shy Mind                                       Appropriate Performing

                                            Attached Mind                                Appropriate Detaching


 3                   5
 2                                               6

1                                                                          6A

The Creative Process Spread

Card/Stage One: What do I need to feed/nurture my creativity to feel I can move beyond the wishing stage?

Card/Stage Two: What choices do I need to make in order to begin my artistic endeavor?

Card/Stage Three: What will strengthen my resolve and help me to begin my creative project?

Card/Stage Four: What do I need to know and/or do to organize myself to work consistently?

Card/Stage Five: What criteria do I need to develop in order to assess my work objectively? Is there someone/something I can consult to help me when I am ready for this stage?

Card/Stage Six: Card A - What do I need to remember or learn in order to show my work to the outside world with confidence?

Card B - What will help me to remember that I am not my art, and my art isnít me?

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