Crows Magick by Londa Marks            Review by Valerie Sim-Behi

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"The Upperworld and Astral Visions"

The booklet enclosed with this deck says that this deck promises to aid you in a "travel to another world and time while discovering treasures- and unearthing omens". I find such claims rather grandiose and ridiculous, but I do use this deck fairly often as a tool for meditation upon the Upperworld and the Astral Planes in general. 

The word astral is derived from the Greek word for star or aster and is used to denote the Upperworld.  When the Shaman visits these planes, she is actually traveling on the higher, astral plane. This higher plane contains all thoughts, memories, and dreams of everyone in the world. This includes the past, present, and future. Though the astral plane appears solid, it is actually mutable and may be changed and altered simply by the power of thoughts.

Londa Marks has managed to create a deck that is symbolic, otherworldly, and uncluttered. The artwork appears to be a combination of computer imagery and her artistís imagination, but unlike the art in Shapeshifter Tarot, none of the animals are inconceivable in general, even if they vary in presentation or coloration from their natural counterparts. I find these animals consistent with those I have glimpsed in my Shamanic journeys within the Upperworld.

A lot of geometric shapes are also included, which are a natural correlation to the crystals of the Lowerworld. 

This deck is a unique look at astral experiences in a "cyber-Tarot" manner, but it works.

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Crows Magic by Londa Marks
Published by US Games
ISBN#: 1-57281-068-8

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