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This deck has been available for viewing on the artist's web site for months. I had seen it a few times, and while I found it rather unique, I was not jumping up and down about it or anything. As a result, I was totally unprepared for seeing the deck in person. I got home from work and found the package sitting on my coffee table. I took it to the kitchen to open it, intending to take a quick look before I changed clothes. I stood there at the kitchen counter for quite some time, totally mesmerized by these images. I went through the deck, card by card, and it seemed that each card was more beautiful than the one before. I stood there and looked through the entire deck again. I finally pulled myself away long enough to change clothes, but as I sat at my computer to check my mail, I had to take another look at each card. The images are amazing.

How can I describe this deck? The art is beautiful. Weird, but beautiful. The cards are slightly larger than average at 3" X 5". This is a photo-collage deck done on a computer. The colors are wonderful. The cards are coated with a shiny finish which enhances the photographic effect. Postman combines fantasy and reality flawlessly. The Major Arcana has the traditional names with the exception of 8 - Balance (Justice), 14 - Art (Temperance), and 20 - Emergence (Judgment). There are three versions of the Lovers: a male and female version, a version with two males and a version with two females. The all male and all female versions even have same sex angels. Cards 8 and 14 bear the same name as their counterparts in Crowley's Thoth deck, and this is not the only similarity with Thoth that you will find. Several of the Minor Arcana are reminiscent of Thoth as well. The Court consists of Queen, Knight, Prince and Princess. The Court Cards are one of the best things about this deck. The variety of people is wonderful. Postman showcases the human body in many different forms and all of them are beautiful. If you are offended by nudity, this deck is not for you. The Suits are Wands, Swords, Cups and Disks. The Minor Arcana scenes are a mixture of Thoth-like pips, not-so-Thoth-like pips and scenes. The colors are bright and deep, and while many of the cards feature flowers, this is not a light and airy deck. Even the pips are evocative, and I don't doubt that some will find the darker images disturbing. As previously noted, there are a lot of flowers in this deck. There are also animals, plants and trees, and even pieces of modern technology. There are symbols and people from many different cultures.

The Cosmic Tribe is sold as a deck/book set. The book, by Eric Ganther, has an introduction which is an overview of the deck. Each card is shown in black and white and has a section of poetry. A description of the card is next, followed by a divinatory meaning. The divinatory meanings are non-traditional. They often ask the user questions and they also provide advice. The Minor Arcana are described in the same method with the same amount of detail.  They also have a one word meaning assigned. The last section of the book discusses working with the cards. There is an opening ritual, advice on storing the cards, information on reading the cards and seven spreads, including the Celtic Cross. The deck is packaged in a slip sleeve cas with two wells for the cards.

I recommend this deck for anyone who is looking for a modern, multicultural deck, one that glorifies the human body in all of its forms. Those familiar with the Thoth or Waite decks should be able to use this deck fairly quickly, despite the non-traditional meanings assigned.

If you would like to purchase this deck, click here.

Comic Tribe Tarot
ISBN: 0-89281-700-3
Publisher: Destiny Books, Rochester Vermont
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Ten of Swords


The curtain of illusion has fallen and there you are on stage. The audience sees through you. They're laughing, sneering, booing, pointing at you, and throwing things. A line snaps and the clothes rip from your body. More laughing and sneering. It's over. The jig's up. Your worst fear has been exposed to the cruel eyes of the world. There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. In the card a naked figure is run through with ten swords as the blood red curtain of denial falls away, abandoning him. This is the kind of "death" that happens when our most cherished illusions are shorn from us. Nobody is buying the ruse anymore and the mind slowly awakens to the tricks of its owner. It turns to pierce denial and get at the truth. The ten swords of harsh reality gore the figure and the mask drops, exposing a tender layer of skin to the light for the first time. In the hellish background, his nightmares run rampant. he reels and faints, and floats in the netherworld of fear and loss. But soon he will realize that this too is simply a nightmare and it is the duty of the swords to prick our vanity, even if the experience is painful. the resulting clarity will allow him to begin the difficult process of healing the wounds he has concealed behind fanciful illusions.

Divinatory Meaning

Should the Ten of Swords burst your bubble, recognize the possibly devastating end of your illusions. How have you been deceiving yourself? What have you been avoiding that is paralyzing you? What reality are you being forced to accept at this time. Humbly accept this defeat as the beginning of the end of the pain you have been unsuccessfully avoiding. Can you see how the destruction of your illusions has a positive aspect? Freed from them you can take the necessary steps to solve the problems you were avoiding. You will no longer be wasting your energy crafting an elaborate curtain of denial and can get on with the rest of your life.

Cosmic Tribe Tarot pg. 86 - 87

Images Copyright (c) 1998 Stevee Postman, Text Copyright (c) 1998 Eric Ganther and Stevee Postman

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