dali.jpg (18037 bytes)Tarot Universal Dali        Review by Michele Jackson

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I mail ordered this deck from the Dali Museum. It is a pretty deck, but I would not call it his best work. It seems he took many shortcuts in creating it, using other art pieces, photos and simple line drawings, rather than draw an original deck card by card. The Majors are standard in name and although somewhat different in appearance, they are readily recognizable. The
Minors are a little more difficult as they have no numbers marked on the cards, just the picture and the requisite number of cups, swords etc. 
This is no Waite/Smith clone as far as the minors go. The themes are totally different. The situation is not helped by the absence of explanation for the minors in the booklet. It does explain the majors in a skimpy way, and includes layouts for two spreads, which show a diagram of the spread, but provides no position explanations. This is a collector's deck in my opinion
due to the lack of documentation. The cards are also gilt edged, which will probably wear off with constant use. It does give them a rich feel however.
Pretty to look at, but not practical for reading.
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If you are interested in purchasing this deck, click here.

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