Sample Reading with the Dante Tarot - Reading by Diane Wilkes

The querent, a high-powered sales executive, wanted to know about the year ahead, in terms of her career.  She asked if this would be the year she would finally attain "Salesperson of the Year" status, something she would have earned in 2001 had not a technicality occurred.  We did my standard three card reading, and then, like any high-powered executive, she had one or two specific questions she wanted answered.


Card One - The Situation

The Ace of Bricks seemed most apropos.  The querent's company had just been taken over, and the new conglomerate is a first class operation.  Everything must be re-learned, and all new people are coming in.  The querent might need to do some major research and study in order to maintain the high level of success she has earned in the past.  In the foreground of this card, an individual holds an opened book, a tree sprouting from it.  This indicates new growth for the querent that will be found in all of the new learning she will be experiencing.  The flowers bookending the main figure drew my attention.  The one to the left, indicating the past, is similar to an Anthureum, a very masculine flower.  To the right is more of a cup-like flower.  This says to me that the querent may need to balance the assertiveness that has served her so well with a more intuitive, soft approach.  In the background of the card are a series of buildings that appear to be a pristine town, yet in the deepest background, grey clouds swirl ominously.  While the querent has hopes that this new company (the "foundation") will help her to achieve her dreams of working at the highest level, the skies indicate there could be some trouble within the top echelons.  Again, she needs to keep a finger to the wind, and her intuition will serve her well.  Trusting her instincts is important in this situation.

Card Two - The Querent's Gifts, Strengths, and Assets in the Situation

The Eight of Flames in this deck is a lusty card.  Naked bodies are half-buried, but the legs are in motion as, in the background, equally nude people engage in a line-dance, even as gray clouds do a warning dance of their own.   The querent is also quite robust, filled with an appetite for life and all it has to offer.  Despite the stresses inherent in this new opportunity, the potential for success is vast and seductive, and the querent is eager to enjoy her bite at the apple.  Her biggest concern is that the environment may be too cutthroat for her to tolerate, and this card indicates that this concern is well-founded.  Those dancing in line may be going to their doom, so the querent would be well-advised to be her own person, and not get caught up in group-think.  Only in that way can she avoid getting enmeshed in nastiness that could ultimately bury her.

Card Three - The Querent's Obstacles, Blockages, and Debits in the Situation

As the querent likes to work hard, she also likes to relax hard.  The Queen of Lights shows that the side of her that enjoys sunning herself on the beach and giving herself over to absolute pleasure can be as compelling and seductive as the success she enjoys in her work.  She spent the summer taking it easy and found going back to work in the fall a real struggle.  Ignoring this aspect of herself could be damaging, as this part of her demands her place in this world.  Finding a balance between the part of her that wants to laze and luxuriate at the shore and the part of her that yearns for corporate success will be a challenge for her in the coming year.  It is important for her not to try and stifle the Queen of Lights aspect of herself, as this could cause her to manifest her need to be heard through health concerns and/or depression.

The querent then asked about her relationship with her new boss, who is a superstar in his profession, but not particularly enlightened.  The Three of Flames shows an imperious, thick-necked fellow whose hands point in different directions.  Behind him people wander about aimlessly in a stupor.  This indicated that he might be a bit unreachable, that he enjoys his power more than he does communicating with underlings.  Even though the LWB states this card is Virgil and keywords are "guidance, valuable advice, master of life or work," the image doesn't suggest any of these things.  There is a sense of the unapproachable about the main figure in this image.

We finished with a card that would be a guide for the coming year, to help her achieve her goals.  This card, the Four of Flames, was rather disconcerting.  A demonic ruler sits atop this card, and beneath him a naked woman kneels, head in hand, between two men.  Both have a foot on her back, with one man spearing her ferociously.   This seemed a warning that this new world is a cutthroat place, and she literally needs to "watch her back."  She acknowledged that she had already seen a coarsening of the individuals with whom she now works, a brutality and unkindness that concerned her.  Awareness is crucial at this time, and she may need to re-evaluate her place in this environment, as well as determine what will really constitute success for her.

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Images 2001 Lo Scarabeo
Reading and page 2002 Diane Wilkes