Three Card Reading with the The Dance of Life Tarot - Reading by Diane Wilkes

I wanted to know what insights I could get in terms of being more organized and efficient in updating Tarot Passages.

Card One: Person in the Present - Sage - Success (King of Pentacles)

Card Two: Gifts and Assets - Free Child (The Fool)

Card Three: Blockages and Obstacles - Greed (Four of Pentacles)

The first card has to do with me at present.  I am always trying to incorporate King of Pentacles energy into my life because I see this card as being able to manifest things proficiently.  While I would like to see myself as this card, in terms of Tarot Passages, I see myself as having "inherited" what I always considered the best tarot site on the Internet (I can say that because it was Michele Jackson's site, not mine).  I am starting off with something very valuable and worthwhile.  It is hard for me to own this card's qualities, but I know that other people occasionally perceive me in this light.  One thing this card reminds me is that I can utilize the site to increase my tarot and astrology practice--it almost asks, "What am I waiting for?"

The second card shows my strengths--and weaknesses.  Even though I see this placement as "Gifts and assets," I feel our weaknesses can often stem from using our strengths to overpower our weaknesses--and that in our weaknesses are seeds to solutions and ways of dealing with obstacles.  What has prepared me to do this page has to do with the "Free Child" in me who possesses insatiable curiosity about many things.  I like to juggle all sorts of things at one time--especially different kinds of BOOKS.

I was a disengaged student who would have tried to break my habit of reading everything and anything if I had realized how good it was for me.  As an adult, my passion for the tarot has resulted in disciplining myself to read much more widely and in a more scholarly fashion--but it always stems from my sincere inclination to know more, not as a step towards the Sage-Success archetype.  I seem to think that the two are mutually exclusive (even though I know they are not). 

Sometimes I can still stubbornly cling to my Free Child habits--and spend my time reading novels instead of writing reviews.  This interferes with my conscientious, perfectionist streak and need to meet all my self-proscribed deadlines. 

Yet and still, if I didn't have a healthy does of the "try anything" Free Child, I wouldn't have the website to worry about in the first place. 

The third card--Blockages and obstacles--is a card that comes up fairly frequently for me in this deck.  As it relates to the keyword "Greed" and the Four of Pentacles, I find it puzzling to relate to myself, particularly in the context of this reading.  Perhaps it speaks to my tendency to look at the one flaw in my work instead of the heaps of writing I am producing.   Or that I feel I don't have a wealth of knowledge to share at all, and must parcel it out as slowly as I can.  No matter how much I produce, I feel I should do more.  I'm going to have to spend more time with this card until it stops showing up...

In terms of symmetry, I am surrounded by money and the material world--but my center is pure Free Child.  Yet I would like to be more financially successful than I am, so it might behoove me to explore my beliefs on money and how they conflict with my image of myself as unencumbered by the mundane world.

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Art 2000 Paula Scott Frantz
Reading and page 2000 Diane Wilkes




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