The Dragon Tarot                                                                Review by Michele Jackson

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The Dragon Tarot was designed by Tarot author Terry Donaldson (Step by Step Tarot) and drawn by an artist named Peter Pracownik. Every card has a Dragon on it. These are not "cute" Dragons, nor are they horrific reptilian dragons. They look fairly smooth and come in different colors, even pink. The art is good, with a lot of detail. Each card features a large central Dragon, with a small scenic area in the background. The background colors are uniformly dark. In the Major Arcana, some attempt was made at incorporating traditional Tarot symbolism; Justice shows a Dragon with scales in it's mouth, The Hermit shows a Dragon holding a lantern, and the Magician has the four suit symbols and the lemniscate. The Minors are scenic, but the large central Dragon in each card tends to overpower the background scenery. The symbols for wands and coins are a little different. Wands are symbolized by a fire lamp on a long pole, and coins are gray labyrinths with a large red pentagram superimposed on them so that the points extend beyond the edge of the circle.

The book that accompanies the deck is interesting. For the Majors it describes each card and has a section where the card allegedly speaks. The speaking sections are written in a fantasy-like style, and generally describe the card's meaning. A short divinatory meaning follows, and finally a section called "Additional Triggers" which identifies the small symbols on the bottom corners of each card. For the Minors it has a short description of the card and a short divinatory meaning.

There are a few spreads and some information on how to read the cards. Finally there is a fairly large section of dragon and serpent myths and stories from different cultures.

The Dragon Tarot and book are available separately or as a boxed set. I would recommend this deck for fantasy fans, Dragon fans and collectors. See the Dragon Tarot

If you are interested in purchasing this deck, click here.

The Dragon Tarot
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Death Speaks

I am Death , and all you mortal beings must pass through my domain. There have been some who though they could deny me, but where are they now? Don't forget that one day everything you have ever known must be relinquished, so live your lives in accordance with the dictates of your own conscience. It is in your children that you will live on. As for your own souls, they will be recycled, for nothing in the universe ever goes to waste. Who know where Fate will command you to be reborn, and as what?

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