Tarocchi Durer

This Majors-only deck appears to be drawn as a tribute to Albrecht Durer in the style for which he was famous. I say "appears" because the little booklet is in Italian, and I have barely mastered the basics of English. The artist who drew the deck is Giacinto Gaudenzi. The scenes are in an engraved style, done in brown ink on a beige, textured card stock. The cards are somewhat taller than most, measuring 5 3/4" X 2 3/4." This is an "art" deck ,and the images, while based on the "traditional," have had great license taken with the symbolism. The art is excellent, finely detailed and shaded. The card stock is heavier than most and not coated. Even the backs of these cards are well done.

Since I can not read the little booklet, there is not a lot I can say about it. From what I can make out, the first half of the booklet is a biography of Albrecht Durer. You can read an English biography of him here. The second half of the booklet appears to be descriptions of the cards or interpretations of the cards or a combination thereof.

This deck is probably not suitable for shuffling, and the lack of coating probably makes them unsuitable for all but the most occasional use. I recommend this deck for collectors or those who are looking for an art deck. The cards are beautiful enough to be framed as individual pieces of art. This is another one that used to be carried by US Games, but is not in their latest catalog (No. 46). If you see it, get it while it is still easily available.

Tarocchi Durer
Lo Scarabeo Tarocchi D'Arte

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