With Sincere Gratitude...


When Michele Jackson handed me the reins (so to speak) of her website, I felt an awesome sense of responsibility. I always felt Michele's Tarot Page was the best tarot site on the web, and wanted to maintain it in a manner worthy of her dedication, thoroughness, and creativity. While I am grateful for the appreciation and recognition Tarot Passages receives in the tarot community, I must say that the one person whose opinion I value most when it comes to this website is--and will always be--Michele Jackson. If she's happy with what I continue to do with the site, that's enough for me.

Because, unlike Michele, I bear no resemblance to Superwoman, from the beginning I asked for contributions from friends and even strangers whose writing impressed me. Many of those strangers have now become friends. There are so many people who have contributed that I cannot name you all, but I truly value and appreciate every contribution. Some people have been so present and helpful to me on a consistent (sometimes daily!) basis that I must mention them here by name--in alphabetical order, partly because of my desire not to have to rank life supports and partially because I am relentlessly anal.

Geraldine Amaral
Arnell Ando
Nina Lee Braden
Lee Bursten
Joan Cole
Mark Filipas
Paula Gibby
Elizabeth Hazel
Mari Hoshizaki
Kim Huggens
Michele Jackson
Christine Jette
Debbie Lake
Tom Tadfor Little
Ellen Lorenzi-Prince
Mark McElroy
Morwenna Morasch
Sarah Ovenall
Janet Selman
Valerie Sim-Behi
Arielle Smith

Sally Anne Stephen

Thank you again...so much...