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This deck by Corrine Kenner, is unique. It is a deck of 78 recipe cards. The cards measure 4 1/4" X 5 1/2". They are printed on a light card stock and are not illustrated or laminated. The backs are illustrated with a plate, knife and fork. They come in a bag decorated with kitchen utensils or a bag with a kitchen towel print. Based on the imagery of the Waite-Smith deck, each card has a complete recipe that was specifically chosen to represent an aspect of the card's meaning. The reason for each choice is explained at the top of the card. Her choices are both witty and humorous. The Major Arcana recipes are of all types. Each recipe describes some aspect of the card's meaning or imagery. For example:

0. The Fool's Caramelized Nuts - In most decks, the tarot's Fool is pictured about to take a leap of faith. He dares to live the life most of us only dream of - unafraid, and unashamed to look a little nuts.

II. The High Priestess' Pomegranate Orange - In many tarot decks, the High Priestess sits before a curtain emblazoned with pomegranates - a symbol of fertility, because pomegranates are ripe with ruby-red seeds. They're a perfect complement to the sunny flavor of oranges.

XIV. Temperance's Herb Salad Dressing - Temperance is the archangel Michael, who manages to mix the elements with skill and dexterity. You, too can master such a mix when you make this oil and vinegar based salad dressing. Just don't use too much.

Wands are spicy dishes that call for the use of peppers and other spices. This is where we find Two of Wands Jalapeno Nachos, Seven of Wands New Orleans Jambalaya, and the King of Wands Five Alarm Chili. The Cups recipes are a mixture of drinks, soups, sauces, sweets, and seafood. Swords are a mixed bag, often chosen for the appearance or actions of the dish - like the Four of Swords Overnight Omelet (it rests overnight), of the Nine of Swords Nightmare Knockwurst which "...eaten too close to bedtime...might revisit you with some unexpected consequences." Sword dishes also tend to have instructions that require chopping, slicing, dicing or spearing. Pentacle dishes are sometimes round like the Ace of Pentacles Quiche Lorraine, or the Two of Pentacles Onion Rings. They can also correspond to the condition the card depicts, like the Five of Pentacles Baked Beans, "...a perennial budget-stretcher." They also tend to be hearty, with lots of vegetables.

The booklet that accompanies this deck provides a bit of background information and describes how to use the deck. Tips like:  "You might want to center yourself and prepare for the task at hand with a few minutes of quiet meditation or grocery shopping."  and "Once the session has concluded...some cooks put the cards in order and return each one to an upright position" are tongue-in-cheek take-offs from popular tarot books. No spreads are provided, but the deck generated much discussion at the International Tarot Society's 1999 Conference and spreads like the "Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Spread," and "The Dinner Party Spread." were offered as possibilities.

This deck is from a limited edition deck of two hundred numbered copies. Sadly it is no longer available. If you can find one on the resale market snatch it up. I highly recommend it for collectors and for those who like to cook.

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This deck has been renamed the Epicurean Tarot and published by U.S. Games.  If you are interested in purchasing this deck, click here.

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