The Egipcios Kier                                                                                Review by Michele Jackson

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This deck is another Egyptian "theme" deck. However it is quite different from most, so much so that I am tempted to place it in the category "Not Quite Tarot". The deck has 22 Major Arcana, which are recognizable for the most part. The following changes have been made:

Strength is VIII and Justice is XI. The Fool is numbered 22.

The Minor Arcana is where this deck differs from the traditional. There are no suits, or Court cards. Each card in the deck is given a number from 1 (The Magician) to 78. The cards numbered after 22 are the Minor Arcana. Each card has a title. For example, card 23 is The Laborer, Card 24 is The Weaver etc, etc. There are symbols on each card to help determine how to interpret them. The Major Arcana have an Egyptian hieroglyph on the upper left, an alchemical sigil is in the center of the top, and a letter from a magical alphabet is on the top right. On the bottom of the Majors there is a planet symbol on the left, followed by a symbol for an astrological sign, a Hebrew letter and a card number. The Minor Arcana symbols are slightly different. The Hebrew letter is on the top left, an Egyptian hieroglyph is in the center of the top and a letter from a magical alphabet is on the top right. The bottom of the Minor cards has the card number to the left, followed by a planet symbol, the title of the card, a Roman letter and an Arabic letter that correspond to the magical letter at the top of the card. A combination of the symbols, the title, and the scenes on the cards are used in interpreting the meaning.

The art is good for a deck of this type. Egyptian art is stiff and the scenes on these cards emulate that style. I like the colors, though they do not sound very pleasing. There are a lot of deep pastels, such as Aqua, lavender, coral and pink. Turquoise and green are also common. All scenes are drawn on a copper metallic ink background. It doesn't sound inviting, but the effect is really quite good.

The little booklet that comes with this deck is better than most. Considering all the symbolism in this deck, it has to be. A brief introduction to Egyptian Mythology is provided, followed by some background on the deck. Short definitions for the planets and signs of the zodiac follow. The interpretations for the Major Arcana are fairly detailed, describing the symbols on the card, the mythology of the scene, and upright and reversed interpretations. The Minor Arcana write ups provide the same information, though the sections describing the scenes are not as long. There is one spread provided, the Celtic Cross. All told it is 83 pages long. This deck originated in Argentina, and the little booklet was written by Stuart Kaplan.

I would recommend this book for those interested in Egyptian mythology, and magick. This deck attempts to bring several diverse systems into harmony. Alchemy, Qabala, astrology and magical alphabets are all represented here. The little booklet is an excellent introduction to this deck, but in order to delve deeply, other reference materials will be required. There is a suggested reading list and bibliography provided on the back of the little booklet, as well as a list of Egyptian deities with variations of spelling.

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If you would like to purchase this deck, click here.

Egipcios Kier
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