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Like most Mystic Eye decks, this deck is based on a story. The story is that of a young man "questing for the key to the universe." In a flash of illumination, he comes to the conclusion that electricity is the key - thus the premise for the deck. It is a Major Arcana-only deck. The cards measure 3 3/4" X 4 1/2". They have a high gloss coating. The deck appears to be made from clipart and every card has an electric socket or cords somewhere in the image. This deck has less human figures than most decks and seems to rely on symbols to evoke the mood or meaning of the card. Some of the symbols are easy to understand. Examples are the nuclear power symbol on the Wheel of Fortune; electrical towers on the Tower; and radio telescope antennae on the Star. I also understood the symbolism in the Empress, but I found it crude. I don’t have a clue about the Fool. Why is there an insect on this card? What do the cell phone and the overloaded socket represent? I don’t understand the sperm cells and egg as the Sun either. Apparently, the deck creator likes the connection between electricity and the human nervous system because a lot of the cards show a clip art schema of the central nervous system, and there are several images of brains as well. Overall, the colors are rather dark with a lot of gray and black giving the deck a dreary feel. The backs are reversible.

There is no little booklet with this deck. Instead there is a handout sheet with the card meanings and instructions for the Celtic cross Spread. This is the third Mystic Eye deck I have reviewed and I have to say that it is my least favorite. I don’t even know if I would recommend it to collectors. Maybe electricians will like it.

The Electric Tarot Deck
ISBN: 0-9673582-1-3
Publisher: Mysticeye 6553 N. Campbell, Chicago IL 60645 (773)262-2805


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