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The Enchanted Tarot is done in an interesting style with most cards showing drawn figures placed on a fabric background. The fabrics include lace, border trim and various types of sumptuous fabric such as satin and brocade. The symbolism is not Waite-Smith based, but is explained well in the accompanying book. Aside from the symbolism, the deck is fairly standard with 78 cards. The Court Cards are Princess, Prince, Queen and King. One of the suits has been changed; hearts replace cups, but the other three suits are the standard swords, pentacles and wands.

The accompanying book is one of the better ones I have seen in a deck/book set. The card descriptions are divided into three sections: The Dream - describes the symbolism of the card, The Awakening - a suggested interpretation and theme for the card to be used in divination, meditation or as an affirmation, and The Enchantment - a suggested activity or invocation, many of which involve candle magic, though the book doesn't call it candle magic. There are lots of visualization exercises or a suggestion to do something relaxing and self indulgent. There is a short section on divination at the end of the book, though they only provide three spreads, a one card, a three card and the Celtic Cross. The interpretations are also non-standard and you would probably want to invest a little time in studying them if you planned to use the deck for serious reading. This is not Waite-Smith clone.

This is a soothing, feel good kind of deck. My first impression was that it was somewhat "feminine and frilly", but after a little more inspection, I am not so sure. There is a strong pagan undercurrent in the deck with a lot of what I would call "mini-spells" and energy exercises in the book. The art is excellent.

The Enchanted Tarot is sold only as a deck\book set and is available from U.S. Games. I bought mine a while back and don't remember exactly what it cost, but it was something close to $30.00, a very reasonable price for the set, particularly since the book is hardcover. On the down side, the cards are shrink wrapped in the box and once you unwrap them, there is no storage area in the box especially for the cards, so they tend to just jumble around loose. You might want to get a drawstring bag or box for storage.

If you would like to purchase this book/deck set, click here.

Enchanted Tarot
ISBN: 0-312-05079-8
Artist: Amy Zerner

Images Copyright (c) 1990 Amy Zerner

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