Enchanted Tarot
The costuming of most of the characters in this deck appears to be the baroque version of what oriental looks like. In other words, a bit Turkish. The Emperor could be Sulieman from an 18th Century production of Marlowe's Tamurlaine or something. Interesting that the Devil card is represented by a mask and designs very Southeastern Asian in flavor.The Tower seems to be a mosque. Most of the cards bear out a sort of dreamlike naivete, particularly the Sun and 7 of Hearts. Where Rohrig is in primary colors, all these are in pastel. The two of hearts is a Hallmark card, drenched in pink, ornamented with lace, swans, hearts and kissing cupids. One would think they've encountered the Laura Ashley version of Tarot. 
This "sorority/cutesy" deck makes for a nice foil for Motherpeace, but that's another story. Here's an example of what I'm talking about: the Ace of Swords is decorated with lace! GAG ME WITH A SPOON [repeat using a Valley girl accent]! The philosophy of the deck as told in the booklet is that these cards are a sort of key to the "land of our dreams" the source of all things mystical in the universe. There's definitely an audience for this though, and perhaps its girls in the 14-20 age bracket. Perhaps not.

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