Enoil Gavat

This is another deck by the Italian artist Tavaglione. The astute reader will notice that Enoil Gavat is Tavaglione spelled backwards. As we have come to expect from Signore Tavaglione, there is a profusion of symbols and correspondences. In this deck we have the following:

This is my least favorite deck of Tavaglione's. For some reason the cards are mostly shades of orange. There is a scene in the center of each card which is in color, though the color here tends to be rather weak. The remainder of the card is done in shades of orange ranging from dark to light, with some yellow thrown in for good measure. The scenes are Egyptian in style. The Court consists of King, Queen, Knight and Page (in Italian), and the Minors are pips. The suits are Batons, Cups, Coins and Swords. As a bit of trivia, the back design pictures a golden winged creature on a black background and the word "OPOTOIM". This is "mio topo" or "my mouse" in Italian. Sadly, this is one of the more interesting characteristics of this deck.

The little booklet is about par for the course. It provides non-traditional upright intepretations and instructions for the Celtic Cross. It also provides a diagram for interpreting Tavaglione's many symbols.

I recommend this deck to collectors. Tavaglione's other decks are much more pleasing to the eye and still provide the myriad correspondences for those who are interested in them. The box is nice though, being a two piece affair with a gold foil top with black writing. It looks much better than the deck inside.

Enoil Gavat
ISBN 0-913866-82-2
Available from Il Trigoni Ediziono

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