Tarot Erotica

This 78-card deck lives up to its name. Almost every card has explicit nudity, and many cards depict various types of sex in progress. The cards measure 2 ˝ X 4 3/16 inches. The Major Arcana have the traditional names, but the numbering of the last two Majors has been reversed – The Universe is card XX and Judgment is card XXI. The Hanged Man is depicted as a woman. I don’t know why the name was not changed accordingly. Strength is VIII and Justice is XI. The suits are Rods, Cups, Swords and Stars. Swords represent the "physical side of romance," while Stars represent "the mental side of love." The Court consists of King, Queen, Knight and Page. The backs are reversible.

The art is very good. Most images are very detailed. The bodies are usually quite muscular and not much is left to the imagination. While there are more nude women than men, there are a lot of nude men. The only “large size” bodies I recall are on the Ten of Rods, though there are some figures that I would call voluptuous. The Ace of Cups is an example. As for types of sex – I think there is something here to satisfy most tastes. Heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian, group sex, masturbation, and bestiality are all represented. There are also body parts rendered in unusual ways. For example – the Tower consists of a penis with stairs that surround labia. The King and Queen of Rods are in a field awash with what look like mushrooms at first glace, but upon closer inspection one discovers they are penises. The Twos all feature matching tattoos of their suit signs. A few images show the influence of Pamela Colman Smith. Others have a sci-fi or fantasy feel.  While many of the cards meanings can be inferred from the images, this is not always the case. The overall feel of the deck is rather dark. This is probably due to the extensive use of darker colors. A few of my favorite cards include the Empress, who knits what could be an act of creation; The Star, which reminds me of a dark fairy; and the Moon, which I found humorous.

The little booklet that comes with this deck begins by expressing the artist’s thoughts on the significator and how to choose one. This is followed by a description of what she calls “The Path of Tarot.” The Path is based on combining the suits and card numbers. For example, the one through ten represent “…the child along the Elemental Path,” while the Page through King represent “…life and career along the Elemental Path.” In the Majors the Magician through Lovers represent the Path of Mortals, the Chariot through Tower, the Path of Trials, and the Star through Judgement (XXI), the Path of Enlightenment. The Fool is the final card on the path, but also the beginning card. Two spreads are provided. Each card has a brief key word meaning, a description of the personality of the person this card represents and three meanings – Upright, Reversed and Preemptory. An effort has been made to work relationships, romance and eroticism into the meanings. They are often non-traditional. An excerpt is provided below. I recommend this deck for collectors and for those who like erotic and/or fantasy art.

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Tarot Erotica by Lori Walls
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The High Priestess is a quiet but clever, sensitive young woman. Her emotions, normally veiled with a gentle composure, can erupt with little or no notice.

UPRIGHT A woman the Seeker has not yet met is mysterious and wise. Magic may be in the air.

REVERSE The woman in the Seeker’s future has many secrets. Someone in the seeker’s path confuses sex for love. If coupled with a number of bad Sword cards, a secret that the Seeker would like to keep is in danger of coming out.

PREEMPTORY If you can unravel the mysteries that come with this card you can avoid the possible danger.


The Five of Cups has had a number of lovers, but still weeps when she remembers the first one. On one day she will passionately give herself to sad movies, rainy days and cheap romance novels. On the next day she clinically attends to the necessities of her life.

UPRIGHT Disillusionment. A new friend, hope, or venture gone bad. Rape, abandonment.

REVERSE Disappointment gives way to a new possibility. This is the silver lining to the cloud. This may mean the return of an old friend, lover or relative, especially a female.

PREEMPTORY Your heart is broken, and there is nothing for it but to move on. Don’t try to start a new project. Day to day is the way for you to go for a while.

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