Eternal Dream Tarot by John Glock
Review by K. Frank Jensen

The Eternal Dream Tarot is one of those few new tarot decks that still can catch my deeper interest, in contrast to the endless number of mass market packs, constantly being put out by the big tarot factories that dominate the market. In its outer form, it is a small, modest pack: 22 black and white drawings printed on fairly thin cardboard. Yet at a closer look, these images open up for a world so different from what we find in the always so predictable standard packs.

The deck is created by USA artist John Glock, who also produces and sells it himself. It is not a limited edition deck, but it looks like one and the quality is excellent. The cards, which come in a box and sleeve cover, are relatively large (80 x 117 millimetres) and they are surrounded by a narrow black border. There is purposely no accompanying booklet to tell the viewer details about the cards. There are no titles nor any numbering, which leaves it to the viewer to decide which card is which. At first, it appears to be quite easy but by the end of the process you may find that you made some mistakes on the way. Then you go back again, and realize that many of these cards actually hold elements from various tarot cards and that each owner may come up with her/his own conception of how they relate to the traditional tarot. As the author states on the cover. "Based on traditional and alternative tarot philosophies and  spiritual beliefs, as well as on psychological concepts, The Eternal Dream Tarot stresses expanded creativity and interpretation".

If you are minded for it, you can spend a good time relating to these images - which I highly recommend - searching for your own universe in their symbology. You can also make a visit to the artist's unique website at to read more about his artistic philosophy and see many of his other works. "What I create should not lead to answers; what I create should generate a new question.  The creative journey is not finding the right answers, but creating the right questions.  This site is dedicated to those answers I thought I knew and the questions that I have yet to ask".  You can also order the deck from this site for the modest price of US$27.00.

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K. Frank Jensen is the founder and editor of Manteia, a now-defunct tarot magazine. For his significant contributions to the tarot community, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Tarot Society at this year's World Tarot Congress. He has one of the greatest tarot collections in the world.


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