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Cards one, five, nine, and 13 all represent Romantic Interest "A"
Cards four, eight, 12, and 16 all represent Romantic Interest "B"
Cards two, six, 10, and 14 all represent the querent in relationship to "A"
Cards three, seven, 11, and 15 all represent the querent in relationship to "B"

The first four cards pertain to the present emotional/mental state for each and how they interact with one another

Card One:     Romantic Interest "A" - The Knight of Cups

"A" wears his heart on his sleeve; he sees the querent as his romantic ideal.  He tends not to see her flaws.  He is capable of grand gestures and would probably throw his coat on the ground so that the querent's feet wouldn't get wet.

Card Two:    Querent in relationship to "A" - The Nine of Pentacles

The querent is indulged in the relationship and very comfortable.  Perhaps too comfortable...she could be a bit bored.  She may not appreciate all the gifts and indulgences of the relationship, seeing them as her due.  

Card Three:  Querent in relationship to Romantic Interest "B" - The Queen of Swords

The querent has been burned in relationships in the past, and perhaps sees "B" in the light of that experience.  She may be more analytical of the relationship and "B's" actions than she has been in prior relationships.  She may also appear to be the older, wiser woman in the relationship, someone who holds the sword of power in her hands, and could step on "B's" heart if she so chose.

Card Four:    Romantic Interest "B" - The Moon

"B" has some secrets that have yet to be divulged.  He has a lot of depth, and the querent has yet to know a lot of things that go on underneath the surface of his personality.  He is emotional and has a psychic component to him.  He is a bit of a mystery.

Cards five through eight pertain to the future emotional/mental state for each and how they interact with one another

Card Five:     Romantic Interest "A" - Six of Cups

Again, we see that "A" will always idealize the querent, and see her as a beautiful angel.  On the downside, there might be a tendency to keep the relationship "in the past" and keep the querent in the role of a child for whom he is the caretaker, as well as the lover.  There might be an inclination toward nostalgia, remembering the pleasant things in the past and not necessarily seeing the whole picture clearly. 

Card Six:      Querent in relationship to "A" - Judgment

There is something about "A" that the querent opens her heart to and trusts, when she really looks into herself.  She may want to escape the strength of the bond, but her inner wisdom tells her that this relationship is solid and powerful.  She may feel at her core that she has treated "A" so unfairly that she doesn't "deserve" him.   She feels that she will always be in his debt.

Card Seven:  Querent in relationship to Romantic Interest "B" - Death

On the positive side, the future of the relationship with "B" offers transformation and growth.  However, time is not on the querent's side.  There is a sense that this relationship could strip her to her bones.  When I saw this card, I was reminded that the querent is significantly older than "B," which could become a factor of contention in the future.  I get a sense of games being played, and someone getting shaken up a bit.

Card Eight:    Romantic Interest "B" - Ten of Swords

While I don't like to see cards as "good" or "bad," this card (plus The Moon, the Ten of Wands, and The Hanged Man) are the four cards that represent "B".  Taken altogether, they indicate to me that there are real potential problems in the relationship.  The future speaks of disaster and deep problems for "B," if not for the  querent.  There is a lot of potential for pain here.

Cards nine through 12 pertain to the future in terms of self-actualization and growth for each and how they will influence each other in these areas

Card Nine:   Romantic Interest "A" - Five of Wands

"A" does tend to want to hold the querent back, and will never slide easily into a mutual relationship of growth and self-actualization.  It may because of insecurities on his part, but he doesn't want to do much changing and will struggle to maintain the status quo.  Any self-actualization and growth the querent wants to achieve will come about through her willingness and ability to fight for it.

Card 10:      Querent in relationship to "A" - Temperance

The querent wants very much to become integrated and develop balance.  She will be able to make the changes she desires in this relationship, because she has a gift for creating harmony.  She knows how to synthesize the darkness and the light in a way which creates a magical blend.  She will also be able to adapt herself in this relationship...but she is the one in charge.  This is something the querent has mixed feelings about; she wants the power, but wants her partner to be the catalyst for change and transformation, not herself.

Card 11:      Querent in relationship to Romantic Interest "B" - Queen of Cups

In terms of her relationship with "B," the querent will need her psychic and emotional gifts to tell her when to move towards self-actualization and growth.  It may be difficult to move forward, however, if she is caught up in an emotional maelstrom, which is quite possible based on the other cards in the spread.   There is a sense that the querent will find herself merging with "B" and having boundary issues that prevent her from attaining her personal goals. 

Card 12:      Romantic Interest "B" - Ten of Wands

"B" has a lot to overcome, according to this card.   Everything he has achieved thus far has probably resulted from hard work and overcoming pain.  He carries a lot of "baggage" and may find it easier to merge with the querent than deal with his own issues.  There may be a lot of "bad luck" that he will have to put behind him to move towards a sense of personal growth and fulfillment.

Cards 13 through 16 pertain to what the querent needs to know about herself and her romantic interests that she doesn't realize at this time

Card 13:      Romantic Interest "A" - Three of Cups

"A" is open to the querent having a good time and enjoying lots of friendships that can bring her to self-actualization (as long as he doesn't have to be involved).  He might even be willing to be more social than he has in the past.  There is a sense of joy and celebration of which the querent may be unaware.

Card 14:      Querent in relationship to "A" - Queen of Pentacles

Yet again, we have a strong sense of a woman who is, in this relationship, given a great deal on the physical plane and has a degree of harmony and sense of "rightness" (the other cards representing her in relationship to "A" are the Nine of Pentacles, Temperance, and Judgment).  She is "taken care of" and dressed resplendently (something very important to the querent).  She is also very much in control.  This relationship is one that is very settled, very calm.

Card 15:      Querent in relationship to Romantic Interest "B" - Nine of Cups

There is a great deal of satiety and romance in this card, perhaps an overflow of emotional movement (the other cards representing the querent in relationship to "B" are the Queen of Swords, the Queen of Cups, and Death).  You get a sense of someone whose emotions are in charge.  There is no grounding in the four cards (as opposed to the two pentacles in the cards relating to "A".  I do get a strong sense of pleasure in the relationship, but that's something the querent already knows.  It could be that, no matter who the querent chooses, she will find a way to gain her own satisfaction and pleasure.

Card 16:       Romantic Interest "B" - The Hanged Man

If the querent is looking for someone to take charge, I don't think she's going to find it in "B."  This is someone who has yet to find himself, and needs time to become the man for whom she seeks.  Again, I get a sense of secrets hidden, perhaps even from himself.  He is willing to sacrifice a great deal for the querent, but at present, he is not seeing things straight.

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