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evolve2.jpg (17615 bytes)I started this deck on November 10th 1998 and finished it Christmas Eve 1998. Some days I did as many as five or six cards. Other days I did one or even none. I am not an artist, but I now have a much better appreciation of how hard it is to create a Tarot deck. I also have an idea of how pleasurable it is!  I enjoyed this project 99% of the time. The other one percent was when I was making construction errors (too much glue, cut too short, image too large, etc.) A lot of these cards are personal in meaning. I used imagery that has a certain meaning for me, but won't be apparent to others. This deck is for my personal use only so that doesn't matter. I just tell you to explain why I won't display all of the cards here.

The first card I did was the High Priestess and the last was the Magician. My technique improved immensely in the time between them. I also tried to use every collage technique I could find short of painting and assemblage. I cut, tore, ripped, colored line drawings in, used black and white Dover Publications images and left them black and white, stayed in the borders, went outside the borders, used personal mail, photos, newsprint, and whatever else I could find. The entire project was a great learning experience for me. I learned about collage and more importantly, I learned a lot about Tarot and about myself.

Major Arcana

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High Priestess completed 10 November 1998
Death completed 20 November
Devil completed 12 December 1998
Judgment completed 11 December 1998

Court Cards

Page of Cups completed 4 December 1998
Knight of Disks completed 20 December 1998
King of Swords completed 6 December 1998

Minor Arcana

Ace of Cups completed 13 December 1998
Two of Disks completed 24 November 1998
Three of Swords completed 22 November 1998
Five of Cups completed 2 December 1998
Five of Wands completed 24 December 1998
Six of Swords completed 15 November 1998
Seven of Wands completed 24 December 1998
Nine of Swords completed 10 November 1998
Ten of Cups completed 22 December 1998