Reading with the Fairy Tarot by Diane Wilkes

The querent asked for a general reading, wanting to know what she should know "right now."

Card One: Person in the Present - Four of Acorns (Wands)

Card Two: Gifts and Assets - Knight of Leaves (Swords)

Card Three: Blockages and Obstacles - Ace of Bells (Disks)


I read the first card, the Four of Acorns (Wands), as a card of solidification of the querent's present situation.  This a time for her to nest, contemplate, appreciate the gifts of friendship and partnership, and also sing her individual song (the querent is an artist).  She is presently building and cementing her career, and this is a time of great harmony and quiet creativity.  There is a groundedness to this card, a feel of making and feathering her personal nest.

Her gifts and assets come from her cleverness with words and and communication.  She may have to wrestle with her wily muse (the Fox), but with her desire to succeed mixed with old-fashioned determination and/or stubbornness, she finds a way to stay on top and ride her creativity towards her goals.  See how firmly this Knight holds his pointy spear (sharp wit) and note his wry smile of clever confidence.  This person will not be deterred, and uses barbed witticisms to defuse negativity.

Her blockages come from the fact that her financial successes don't equal her gifts and abilities.  She's just starting out in her career, in terms of appropriate financial remuneration.  "Discipline is of the first following after the day" is a reminder that there are limitations and constrictions whenever we start something new, and that biting the bullet (or the bell) will ultimately breed abundance and success (if there's one thing bunnies do, it's breed). 

Her gift as a young and energetic Knight will bring her to the success she ultimately desires.  Her present speaks to feathering that new nest with friendship and personal, individual joy; her future is wide open, as long as she remains disciplined and fixed on her path.

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Reading and page 2001 Diane Wilkes

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