Reading with the The Fey Tarot by Diane Wilkes

The querent is presently going through a divorce and custody battle, and wished to gain insight into how to approach the situation, as well as what he would learn from it. I thought a past-present-future reading was appropriate, along with an additional card as "guide."

Past - Four of Wands - I expected this card to be more about the marriage itself, but it spoke more to the roots of the wedding. It made me ask if the querent got married because he got swept up in the excitement of the moment, instead of measuring his long-term goals and desires and determining if they meshed with his soon-to-be-ex-spouse. The image of these Fey creatures adorning a Maypole spoke to me of focusing on the celebration instead of the reality of marriage.

We also looked at what originally spoke to something celebratory in his soul in terms of his spouse. If the querent could remember that and see those elements in her, it might become easier for him to appeal to those parts in her in his present and future discussions, in addition to helping him to look more completely at his present adversary.

One comment about the marriage as it pertains to this card--perhaps one or both partners tried to dress it up, as the Fey sprites try to festoon the tree with brightly colored ribbons and bells and talismans. Perhaps they made an effort to make it look brighter on the outside than it actually was, perhaps focusing on outer issues, never going too deep. In present and new relationships, it might behoove the querent to focus on the inner beauty, valuing the beautiful roots and earthy connections.

Present-Two of Swords - There was something the querent was actively refusing not to see. There is something of the angry warrior in this card, vehemently covering her eyes with a Sword (!) in order to avoid some painful reality. That it might have to do with the querent's internal processes is indicated by the large glowing-but-nebulous moon that dominates the background sky. Or perhaps it was his own rage. He wanted to remove himself from his emotions in this matter, but it wasn't possible, so his rage, when it came, seemed more overwhelming than, in fact, it was.

Future-Knight of Pentacles - The best thing that will happen for the querent, in terms of this relationship, is that he will be able to ride away from it, taking the experiences, bad and good, as new wisdom and sensitivity and learning about himself. While he didn't feel grounded at present, that will come as the bonds dissolve more and more completely. Of course, because the two individuals share a child, they won't ever completely dissolve in terms of that relationship, but the marriage and partnership is another story entirely.

In this card, I see someone who has made a clean break and has absorbed the lessons of the relationship and the divorce, made them tools for his future as he rides into it. As this Elfin creature looks back on the shadowy castle of his past, he wears a serene smile. But the querent isn't there yet! This is the future he can have, if he determined to have it. On a literal level, he was leaving some financial gains behind, yet the Fey creature riding away has made his peace with that. The large animal he rides, with the large pentacle around his snout, promises that the financial future is not just solid, but bright.

Guide- Knave of Pentacles - This card as guide is extremely illustrative of a pose the querent needs to adopt. Because he knows he is moving on, when he is tempted to dig in and fight over things that don't really matter anymore, he can remember this image, flying towards the future with wide-eyed expectancy. The element of wonder in this card is appropriate for all the magic that this celestial Pentacle vehicle promises.

I advised the querent to look ahead, let himself be focused on the bright and glorious and FREE future--which includes, of course, being aware of what is really important to ensure his future as the father he wants to be. This is something the querent was already doing. The more he realizes how positive these changes are, the more
generous his heart can be--and the more pragmatic he can afford to be.

The querent is flying towards unknown destinations, all of which seem so much more glorious than the past pain. But there is a literal shadow to this flying saucer--the querent can not afford to neglect his earthly needs and concerns or he will come crashing down to reality again and again.

A quick observation of the spread leads me to note that there's no love/emotional component, nor is their any major theme or karmic lesson left (no Cups nor Major Arcana). Half of the spread concerns the tangible, financial and real-life issues, the singular Sword and Wand speak to the need for the querent not to waste too much energy and thought on something that has run its course.

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Images 2002 Lo Scarabeo
Reading and page Diane Wilkes