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This Italian deck is a collaborative effort by 22 different artists. Each card is from a Fairy tale or folklore story. Although hampered by my inability to read Italian, I was able to make out the stories associated with some of the cards. Those I could make out include Hans in Luck (The Fool), The Magic Flute (Magician), Tam Lin (The Lovers), Beauty and the Beast (Strength), Jack and the Beanstalk (The Hanged Man), and Rapunzel (Tower). The stories come from all over the world. There are two by Hans Christian Anderson, three by Russian author Aleksandr Afanas'ev, and five by the Brothers Grimm. Like most collaborative decks, the styles and quality of the art varies, though I found that there were no images that I really didn't like. Although the theme is fairy tales, I think this is an adult deck. There is one card with nudity (The World) and while some cards would be suitable as illustrations for children's books, others would not.

The cards are larger than average at 3" X 5 1/4". Overall the art is very good with a variety of styles. All of the cards but one (Justice) are in color. They are made of a thicker card stock than most decks, and are only coated on the front of the card. The backs are reversible and contain a portion of the image from Justice. Interestingly, the title card has a different back from the same image. The little booklet is a fold out affair made of heavy paper. It is in Italian and appears to have some background information breaking the Major Arcana into groups, and a brief rhyme for each story/card. The deck is packaged in a sleeve that slides into a case.

I recommend this deck for collectors and those who love fairy tales.

I Tarocchi Delle Fiabe
Publisher: Lo Scarabeo, C.SO SVIZZERA 31, 10143 TORINO, ITALIA
Distributer: Alida

Images Copyright 1997 Lo Scarabeo

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