The Sun from I 22 Arcani FiabeschiI 22 Arcani Fiabeschi

This is an art deck consisting of the Major Arcana only. The art is beautiful. The images look like they could be from a well drawn children's book. They have a look of innocence, but are not syrupy sweet. The cards measure 4 1/2" X 2 3/4". They are on a beige card stock and are lightly coated with a matte coating. The backs have a blue pattern.

Many of the people in this deck have young faces. Others are older, but generally have kind faces. There is an obvious effort to make this deck non-threatening. Judgment shows small children in a patch of leaves, vice graying bodies rising from coffins. One of the children in the Sun card clutches a teddy bear. The dogs on the Moon card look like they could have come from Disney. The imps in the Devil card look like creatures you'd want to play with.  This deck could be given to a child with little fear of causing nightmares. The scariest card in this deck is Death and even here the skeleton is draped in a fetching blue frock and wears a hat with a polka dotted ribbon. The card name and number are in the top border. Justice is VIII and Strength is XI.

I have one caveat. It looks like there were some printing problems. There are ink smudges on various cards. For example, there is a large splotch on the top border of the Fool, and parts of the Sun on the Strength cards appear green because the blue of the sky and the yellow of the sun were somehow mixed. There are also crop marks in some of the borders. I was hoping that this was an irregularity, but a friend's deck has the same type of printing errors.

This deck comes with two little booklets. One is the generic Il Meneghello booklet that comes with all of their decks. It is written in Italian. There is also a small fold-out sheet written specifically for this deck. It is written in Italian and English. It has some background information on the artist and the deck. This section is in Italian only. This is followed by a poem that has a verse for each card. Here are the first few verses:

Where are you going
When the crickets chirp?
If you will glance aside
You will miss eternity
Who is hidden under that cloak?
If you guess, you shall have your wish.
She reigns the Queen of the Temple
She brings you protection and wisdom
She is not the Bad Queen but,
The Lady of Truth
She is Venus the Regenerator

The deck is packaged in a sleeve that slides into a book-like cover that is tied with ribbon. This is a popular packaging method for decks published by Il Meneghello. It is numbered from a printing of 2500 decks. I recommend this deck for collectors and as a possible choice for those looking for a deck for a child. There is no offensive nudity. You see a couple of naked babies and the woma/androgyne's hip in The World - no breasts. It is pretty enough to be appreciated by people who are not into Tarot and for that reason it might make a good gift.

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I 22 Arcani Fiabeschi
Artist: M. Elena Pecchio
Publisher Il Meneghello
Available at Alidas

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