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This is a limited edition, Major Arcana deck published in 1978.  The cards are slightly smaller than average at 2 3/4" X 4". They have a white border with the card number in the bottom border. The Fool is unnumbered and has the word, "Negation," in the bottom border. Justice is eight and Strength is 11. Several of the cards have been re-named in the little booklet:

1- The Juggler
2 - The Priestess
6 - Life
9 - The Searcher
13 - The Reaper
14 - The Communication
15 - The Green Man
20 - The Resurrection
21 - The Nymph of Ability

The art is good, but most of the cards have a rather flat, unanimated look. The Reaper is a notable exception showing a skeleton riding into the foreground with headless bodies in its wake. The Star, usually one of the more attractive cards in most decks, is especially disappointing, consisting of white symbols on a blue background. Some of the scenes are fairly traditional, but others are unique to this deck.

The little booklet that comes with the deck provides a meaning for each card and a black and white line drawing of each card. One spread is described as well as a brief description of how to read by laying out three to nine cards. The deck is beautifully packaged in a hinged box with a gold foil lining and divider. There is a green velvet ribbon laying under the cards to allow them to be lifted out easily. As far as I know, this deck is out of print. Only 500 copies were printed for U.S. Distribution via U.S. Games back when they were located in New York. They are hand signed and numbered by the author.

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Tarot of Frownstrong
Author: Leo
I got my copy from Alida

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