I Gatti Tarot

This is an Italian novelty deck that will appeal to Cat lovers. It is a Major Arcana only deck, with Cats as the characters in each card. The deck is small: 2" X 2 7/8", and the cards are cream colored card stock, with the images done in black. There is no color. The entire set is packaged in a small book cover, with the Fool on the cover. The book cover ties in front with a black ribbon. The cards inside are held in a small cardboard strip. This deck is Il Diavoloa La Papessalimited edition, first published in 1990. Each deck is hand numbered (my own is 1502 of 2000, and this is the second edition. This deck would make a nice gift for the cat lover or collector. The price ($20.00) is quite reasonable for a collectable. It is an art deck and though I suppose one could read with it, I don't think that was the artist's intention. No booklet comes with the deck, and none has been published that I am aware of.

22 Arcani "I GATTI"
Distributor: US Games Systems, 179 Ludlow St., Stamford CT, 06902 (800)544-2637

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