Gay Tarot Sample Reading by Lee Bursten

The querent is being forced to move because of noisy and harassing neighbors, and wanted to know if his new residence would be a more peaceful environment for him.  For this reading I used the Final Outcome Spread.


Card One:  The final outcome – Three of Swords

The querent’s neighbor problems have been emotionally difficult for the querent, and the bad feelings will take a while to go away, even after the move.  Clear thought and rational evaluation, normally typical of Air (Swords) cards, are being overwhelmed by an oversaturation of Water (the rain).  The negative emotions will drain away with time, just as the water in the street can be seen going down the storm drain.

Card Two:  How you helped bring about the final outcome – Temperance

This card suggests that the querent himself had a hand in contributing to the unfortunate situation with the neighbors.  The way the querent handled the situation, both his actions and reactions, helped the situation to reach its current condition (perhaps by applying a little too much heat!).  Traditionally, this card can also suggest that the querent is being too cooperative or compliant (i.e., too temperate).  Perhaps if he had reacted strongly at the beginning of the problem, rather than let it simmer, it would not now be boiling over.

Card Three:  How the final outcome will affect outer circumstances – Ace of Wands

Great potential is suggested by this card.  As so often happens in life, an abrupt change caused by uncontrollable circumstances can turn into an opportunity to pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat.  This card has a sense of anticipation about it:  the magic wand is calling forth the rabbit, who is just about to make its entrance.

Card Four:  How you feel about the final outcome – Sage of Coins

In general terms, this card shows how important the querent’s home environment is to him.  Gardening and landscaping provide him with his only outlet for nurturing energies, and it was these activities which were most impacted by the disruptive neighbors.  The fence suggests the importance to the querent of keeping at bay the world’s chaos and worrisome currents.

Card Five:  Advice card:  the best way to deal with/make use of the final outcome – The Magician

This is the ultimate “power” card.  The querent has the power to create his environment according to his wishes.  Moving is thus seen as a positive step.  Since the Ace of Wands has shown that the move will bring its own positive potentials, there’s no need for the querent to see himself as a victim of circumstances.  We shouldn’t necessarily sit back and wait for the Panglossian “best of all possible worlds,” but we can certainly use our Magician-like power to engage with circumstances and turn them to our advantage.

Lee Bursten has been studying the Tarot for 25 years. He is the author of the Gay Tarot deck, published by Lo Scarabeo, and featured in this spread. He owns over 170 Tarot and oracle decks and over 50 books on esoteric subjects including the Tarot, playing cards and astrology, and has written over 70 Tarot deck reviews for Tarot Passages. 

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