Gendron Tarot Deck by Melanie Gendron
Review by Arielle Smith

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The Gendron Tarot by Melanie Gendron is very special. This deck was recommended to me because of its animal imagery. The animals and birds are wonderful and make for easy interpretation, but I also found many other reasons to love this deck.

For one thing, it's beautiful! The colors are full of sunlight and moonlight - looking at the cards is almost like looking into a kaleidoscope where you have to give this little involuntary "oooh" and "aahhh!"

This is also a very "positive" deck. A Transition card replaces the Death card and The Deceiver replaces the Devil. Not only do these make more sense to me, but also they are much less frightening when doing a reading for a client.

The Pages and Knights are replaced by Princes and Princesses, making the deck a better balance of yin/yang, God/Goddess.

The Swords in this deck are particularly awesome. While Swords often give the feeling of impending doom, stress, worry, and crisis, in this deck, they are so attractive you just know there is nothing negative about them. Butterflies and birds are all over the Swords reminds us of the beauty of transformation and the power of soaring energy.

I have many favorite cards in this deck. Strength, Temperance, The Moon, The Sun, and The Star are all radiant, delicate, ethereal. Even the Tower, which can look so terrifying, is instead rather humorous. There stands this cosmic muse with her fickle finger of fate reaching out to topple the castle-like tower to the ground - while the vultures wait below!

The little booklets that come with tarot decks are not always very helpful. However the booklet with the Gendron deck has a very nice forward by Amber Jayanti, a pleasant introduction, and then a wealth of information about the Major Arcana, including energy, its assigned Hebrew letter, planet, animal characteristic, symbolism, meaning, and reversed meaning.

The four suits have energy, astrology, element, direction, and a totem animal for each suit, plus upright and reversed meaning for each card.

There are so many things to like about this deck that I haven't even mentioned yet. For example, all races of people are represented on the cards. The backs of the cards (good for meditation) are just as incredible as the faces. And, just in case you are feeling poetic, the little booklet provides some intriguing quotes for the Major Arcana: "She who knows the path guides the way" with the Hierophant or "Your eyes are the depths of forever" with the High Priestess.

This is a deck that begs to be used often. Each use is bound to reveal something new and mesmerizing. It's ok -- be mesmerized.

If you are interested in purchasing this deck, click here.

Arielle Smith, well on her way to becoming a weird eccentric, is a Certified Tarot Grand Master living in Florida with her husband and four cats. Both tree-hugger and animal lover, she is also a part-time teacher and lifetime student of the Tarot. You can visit her at her website, Mystik Moons.

Review 2003 Arielle Smith
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