Gilded Tarot Sample Reading by Diane Wilkes

The querent asked for a general reading. Since we were so near the Blue Moon and I had just created the Once in a Very Blue Moon spread, I decided to use it for the querent.

Card One:     What about the querent is unique and rare? -- The Sun

The querent is uniquely optimistic and warm, radiating her light to all who are lucky enough to be in her personal galaxy. She may be unaware of just how strong her influence is, but this card lets us know she impacts many people, effecting them in overt and subtle ways. This card suggests she begin to see her own significance more clearly and confidently. Additionally, this card has a personal significance for the querent for another reason.

Card Two:     What unusual subject(s) should she focus on in the coming month? -- Temperance

The Gilded version of Temperance is particularly dynamic and vibrant, showing a woman creating a magical blend of fire (spirit) and water (emotions). The querent's focus should either focus on something that stimulates her feelings and her spirit, or focus on one thing that stimulates her feelings and another that appeals to her on a spiritual level. Ultimately, she will find a way to blend the two in a unique and valuable way.

Card Three:    What should she do that is out of the ordinary this month? -- Ace of Wands

The querent needs to take matters into her own hands--literally. Perhaps she spends a lot of time thinking about things, but not acting upon them. This oh-so-self-deterministic Ace of Wands demands action, not cogitation, especially when we look at the Yang energy of these four cards in combination. If there is a budding project or opportunity she has neglected, now is the time to walk in the fire. 

Card Four:      What message does this Blue Moon have for the querent? -- Queen of Swords

The querent is clearly a bright and articulate and strong individual, if the image on this card is any indication. Unlike the Rider-Waite-Smith version, this Queen of Sword stands on a balcony or shipboard, gleaming sword in hand. Her intellect is luminescent, and it looks as if her third eye is shining as brightly as the glowing orb in the sky. The querent instinctively knows or senses what she needs to do on a spiritual and emotional level--and this Blue Moon, she needs to act on that knowledge, without second-guessing herself.

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