gd1.jpg (17067 bytes)The Golden Dawn Tarot  by Robert Wang
Review by Michele Jackson

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This deck, designed by Robert Wang claims to be the only deck “which includes the accurate symbolism kept shrouded in mystery for hundreds of years by the Western Esoteric Tradition”. The Majors are standard as can be expected as many modern decks including the Waite-Smith are based on the Golden Dawn’s teachings. The Court Cards are Princess, Prince, Queen and King. The Minors are illustrated, but in an extremely minimal manner. For the most part, the illustrations consist of a hand emerging from the clouds, holding some sort of device upon which the suit items are suspended. 
There are some symbols in the minors, such as various plants, flowers or animals. The art on the majors is also somewhat sparse and severe in style. Wang was the artist and his work is
adequate, if not exciting or inspiring. The scenes appear to have been painted. 
This deck is not designed to be read with reversals; rather, dignities are to be used, though the booklet that accompanies the deck does not explain them other than to say, “This suggests the influence of the cards that fall on either side of the card in question.”. The booklet recommends the purchase of An Introduction to the Golden Dawn Tarot by Robert Wang, which contains all of the materials issued to members of the Order of the Golden Dawn. Overall, the deck is rather dull, though it would be of interest to those interested in the Golden Dawn and its teachings.

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