Sample Reading with the Golden Tarot by Kat Black
Reading by Diane Wilkes

The querent was disturbed because an estranged family member contacted her to ostensibly re-establish communication, but became hostile and cruel when she tried to establish boundaries. The situation had opened up old wounds and she wanted to understand why she was so distressed. Three questions were explored.


What did the querent need to know about her relationship with this family member?  -- Five of Cups

The querent was justifiably grieving over something important. Everyone wants decent family relationships, and the querent was no exception. However, it takes two willing parties to form a relationship, and the querent couldn't tango alone. The querent had friends to comfort her in her sadness, and the angel overlooking the scene assured her that she was taking the right tack. That the grievant is a Pope indicated that she is not weak because of her sorrow, but has come very far in her life, and needs to maintain the dignity and respect she deserves in every relationship she has. She must recognize when she must be strong and powerful and do the right thing for all involved, even if it's painful. The fact that three cups are upright indicates that the querent has a great deal to be thankful for, despite her sorrow, and she might want to remember and focus on the positive emotional relationships in her life, not dwell on ones that wound her soul.

How should the querent handle the situation and respond to her estranged relative? -- The Chariot

In order for the querent to be victorious, she needs to get out of Dodge--in this case, a relationship that holds no emotional support or decent treatment for her. She needs to recognize herself as the "winner" and move away from the relative with his venomous, toxic behaviors. She needs to be above the fray, as the woman in the Chariot card is, and rise above the petty cruelties that once imprisoned her. The querent has much to be proud of, and can leave behind the city of her youth, where she had been abusively treated. She has been recognized and valued in other cities, and knows she has nothing to prove to anyone. She has no reason to stay amongst those who would maltreat her.

What does the querent need to personally remember and keep in mind? -- The Empress

The querent is a very nurturing and creative person, and needs to take care of  herself as she would a child who had been abused and harmed. She might have been abused in the past, but is now strong and capable of protecting herself from harm. She is reborn, reconstructing her family myths in a loving picture of truth and justice. She can now lavish love on the little child inside who was unprotected and abused for so long. Her needs are her first priority now. It is time for her to show a natural concern for her inner child, and her needs and feelings and desires. 

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