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Tarot for Your Self

This is one of, if not =the= best beginner's books available. It is in a workbook format with exercises designed to get you working with the cards right away. Unlike most beginner's books which are 90% interpretation description, Tarot for Your Self has a small interpretation section in the back of the book. The interpretations are generic and should work with most decks that are not too different from the Waite-Smith (Rider) or Golden Dawn based decks. The book is illustrated with cards from several different decks and there is enough information here to keep even a veteran reader interested. There are sections on keeping a Tarot Journal, Dealing with Moods, Emotions and Relationships, The Court Cards, Prosperity and Planning, and Healing. This book is a must have for every Tarot Library.
Tarot for Yourself: a Workbook for Personal Transformation
Author: Mary K. Greer
ISBN: 0-87877-077-1
Price: $14.95
Publisher: Newcastle
If you order from directly from Mary, she will autograph the book for you. She also has some British editions of the book available for only $8.00. They have ugly covers, but are otherwise identical. You can reach her at:
P.O. Box 720
Nevada City CA 95959

          Or you can contact her via email.

Tarot for Your Self is a tool for achieving self knowledge. It is designed to actually teach Tarot, rather than merely explain it, and to help you apply Tarot to your real-life situations as a practical resource.
It is intended to serve both beginning students and advanced practitioners by introducing a variety of approaches to Tarot. These include: meditations, rituals, spreads, mandalas, visualizations, dialogues, charts, astrology, numerology, and affirmations, all directed toward greater self-exploration. By examining your past, present and future potential, you will learn to deal more effectively with your problems, recognize your choices and clarify your goals. To begin this path to self knowledge all you need are this book, a Tarot deck of any design and a pencil.
(Tarot for Your Self, page 1)

If you'd like to purchase this book through Amazon.com, click here.


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