Tarot of a Moon Garden, Created by Karen Sweikhardt
A deck and book review
Written by Jan Class-Gregoire
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 Fairies, unicorns, dragons, dolphins, butterflies, dragonflies, ferns,
mushrooms and castles in the skies all say, "Welcome to Karen's Magical Moon
Garden."  Based on a poem entitled 'Moon Garden' that Karen wrote over
twenty years ago, her subconscious seed fully flowered in the creation of
Tarot of the Moon Garden.

Since the beginning of time, countless individuals have contemplated the
moon's mysteries, giving rise to so many fantastical tales of beautiful moon
gardens and seas complete with enchanting beings.  Tarot of the Moon Garden
captures these mystical stories with each card.

Each card depicts a moon phase, which represents the triple goddess aspect
of maiden, mother and crone.  The moon phases add to the interpretation of the deck.
The artwork is fanciful and colorful with most scenes illustrating a moonlit
night. To most readers and seekers who are new to the tarot, the cards
Death, The Devil and the Ten of Swords often strike terror in their minds.
However, this is not the case with this deck.  Karen has not painted one
frightening card in her deck. Who's to say such cards need to be a
frightening experience?

The deck is divided into swords, staffs (wands), cups and pentacles.
Dragonflies form the hilt of the swords to illuminate their lessons.
Instead of the traditional living wood, the staffs are still rooted in the
ground as in tree trunks. This alludes to grounding the energies.  The
pentacles are on bubbles to represent magical manifestation.

The companion book divides the text into The Rendering - the
description, The Reading - the significance of each card (there are no
reversals given), and The Ritual - demonstrates how a card can pertain to a
specific rite.

The card size appears to be close to standard size, measuring 2 by 4
inches and the card stock seems adequate. It is published by U.S. Games.
Tarot of the Moon Garden is recommended to anyone who wants a place to dream
of a different reality.
 If you would like to purchase this book/deck set, click here.
Tarot of the Moon Garden
ISBN 0-88079-705-3
Publisher: US Games

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