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This Italian deck is a Majors-Only deck. It is an art deck based on the work of Giulio Romano, a 15th century painter and architect. The central figure or scene is very detailed. It usually contrasts with a black or very muted background. There are a lot of pastels and muted colors. The scenes and poses often give a feeling of action. They are not the traditional scenes. The Fool appears to be an older man, with white hair and beard. He walks across a desolate landscape. A dog approaches that does not look like it is poised to attack - it seems happy to see him. The Magician is a male nude who is leaning on a high table with the symbols of the suits strewn about it. The tablecloth is falling and some of the items that were on the table have spilled onto the floor. The Magician looks bored and disgusted by it all. The High Priestess holds what appears to be a peacock by the neck. Her hat and book are on the floor and she looks sadly off into the distance. This is not a cheerful deck. I don't know what is going on in the Lovers. Is she just admiring his sleeping face, or does she have something else in mind? The Hermit must have a set of Nautilus in his cave.  Temperance is drawn from an unusual visual perspective and the Tower shows what appears to be Zeus hurling thunder from the heavens. The Sun and the Moon are drawn across the sky in Chariots. The World is held by two cherubs. Justice is VIII and Strength is XI. The cards are large - 3 5/8" X 6 1/2". The backs are reversible and the title card has a different back.

There is no little booklet for this deck. There is a folded sheet in German and an extra card with some information in Italian. I recommend this deck for collectors and those who like art decks.

Tarocchi da Guilio Romano

Distributor: Alida

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