Das Gummibärchen Tarot by Dietmar Bittrich; illustrated by Anneke Larsmeyer and Sascha Tessmann
Review by K. Frank Jensen

Not all tarot decks need to be taken seriously. Dietmar Bittrich’s "Gummibärchen Tarot", illustrated by Anneke Larsmeyer and Sascha Tessmann, is a funny parody on the all-too-often introspective attitude with which tarot creators present their works. "Das Gummibärchen Tarot" is small in format but great in many other ways. It is modeled over the most popular tarot deck ever, the Waite/Smith tarot, only the characters are thoroughly substituted by colorful bear-formed wine-gum figures. The 95 page companion book (in German) is just as funny as the cards (excellent card quality, by the way). The deck has been out of print for a while but is again available. Advertising material from the publisher states that the deck already has been sold in 40.000 copies. How many "serious" tarot decks reach that sale?

Das Gummibärchen Tarot  Dietmar Bittrich. 78 cards plus book, 95 pages. Goldmann Verlag, Germany 2002. ISBN 3-442-45309-9. EUR 14.-

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