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More info on the Healing Earth Tarot. This deck has 106 cards in six suits:
The Magician has been replaced by the Shaman, the Hierophant by the Master,
the Hermit by the Wise Old Woman, and the Wheel of Fortune by the Medicine
Wheel. The Court cards are Grandparents (mother and father), Men and Women.
This is a multicultural deck, drawing on Aborigine, African, Native American,
European and Polynesian/Asian cultures. They have also tried to acheive a
balance between male and female. The deck has a strong Native American feel
to it despite the other cultures and the fact that the creators are
Australian. The art is O.K., not great, not bad. About 1/4 of the cards face
is taken up with the Card name, leaving an almost perfect square for the
illustration. The back is sea green with lighter green curvy lines borderd in
orange. The deck is colorful and each suit is bordered in a different color.
I believe the creators were influenced by several modern decks, including
Thoth, Motherpeace, Medicine Woman and to a lesser extent, the Waite-Smith.
There may be other popular deck influences as well, I am just mentioning the
ones I recognize. The deck comes with a 288 page book which is fairly
detailed. If you are familiar with Tarot already, you could probably learn
this deck without too much trouble. The pictures are fairly rich in
symbolism, but some familiarity with the cultures would be helpful as the book
doesn't go into a lot of detail. There are 7 spreads in the book which I
haven't looked at closely yet. Having so many cards makes the deck somewhat
cumbersome. The cards are also wider than those in most decks, but after
shuffling Motherpeace for a few years, I can handle anything. Those with
smaller hands will find these difficult. This deck is "not exactly a Tarot"
in my opinion, but it would be a nice find for those interested in Shamanism,
Native American or Aboriginal cultures. This is only a cursory view as I have
only gone through the deck and skimmed the book so far.

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