The Healing Tarot                Review by Michele Jackson

This photographic deck has a strong Neo-Pagan flavor. Eight years in the making, the deck is a tribute to the costuming and photographic talents of Jennifer Elizabeth Moore, the creator of the deck. The cards are a little larger than average at 3 1/2" X 5." The borders are black, which I think is a nice touch. On the Major Arcana cards, the roman numeral for the card is in the top border and the name is on the bottom border. On the Minor Arcana and Court cards the name of the card is on the bottom border and a one word interpretation is in the top border. A few of the one word interpretations are straight from the Golden Dawn or Crowley, but most are the artist's own key words for the cards. On the whole, Moore's interpretations tend to be more positive than the Golden Dawn's or Crowley's. For example, Moore sees the the Ten of Swords as "Transformation" vice "Ruin" and the Five of Wands as "Collaboration" vice "Strife." Many of the images are clearly based on Pamela Colman-Smith's work, but the photographic medium, coupled with the use of masks give this deck a different feel. It is not your typical Waite-Smith clone.

The photographic work is excellent. Moore has a good sense of color, and she uses this to her advantage. Most of the scenes are set in nature, although Moore also makes use of elaborate sets and backdrops in many cards. This deck was carefully thought out and posed. One feature that I especially like is that real people have been used as the models. They are not all physically perfect. The masks and makeup add a sense of mystery and also help avoid that "me and my friends play Tarot dress up" look that one sees in some photographic decks. This was a mammoth project. I can only wonder at the amount of time and money that must have went into the costumes, masks, props and sets. Each card is posed in meticulous detail - none seem to have been rushed or posed quickly for the sake of getting the deck done. Moore is an exacting and truly talented artist.

There is no little booklet for this deck, though Moore does promise one in the future, to be mailed to previous purchasers. The deck is signed and numbered from a limited edition of 1000 decks. It comes in a two piece box, with the deck inside tied in a purple satin string.

I recommend this deck for collectors and for those who are looking for a beautiful deck with a Pagan feel. This deck is not inexpensive, but looking at the costumes and sets, not to mention the amount of time invested, I doubt that Moore is making much, if any profit. This deck would make a wonderful gift for that special Tarot person.

The Healing Tarot Deck is available from the artist:

The Healing Tarot
P.O. Box 903
Winchester MA 01890

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