The Hero's Journey Tarot, A Personal Collage Deck & Journal by Arnell Ando

Review by Connie Walters

The Hero's Journey Tarot was finished and produced for the first time in 1994.   Let me tell you a little about my feelings for this deck before I get into the specifics of it.  I purchased this deck at the Denver Conference September 27th, 2000 from Arnell Ando. I really didn't have time to talk with her. We were in between lectures in the middle of the day. She and her man (Mike McAteer) were sitting at a table and the room was filled with decks and sellers: a collector's dream. Well, I immediately went up to their table, picked up the handmade box, and opened it.   I took one look and just knew I had to buy this deck!   I asked how much, though money was not an issue. I was totally compelled by and pulled to the deck right away.

I quickly paid for it, grabbed my bag, and headed back for the next lecture. The next lecture was an exercise using your own deck. Well, the only deck I had on hand was this new one. I thought, "Now's as good a 
time as any to look at this exceptional creation and see how it will work for me."   Much to my surprise, I immediately and totally bonded with this deck! Every image just seemed to speak to me. I was totally blown away!

As most of you know who are reading this, I am a collector, and being such, I find it's really very rare to see a deck of this caliber. First of all it was made to be used, not just looked at. Secondly, I don't think I have ever opened a deck and immediately connected to it so strongly.   We readers know we have to "temper" a deck before you use it.   I didn't with this one!

As I said, it is a collage deck. It is a fabulous piece of artwork. One of the most powerful messengers I've ever seen.   No kidding!  This deck is totally handmade from beginning to finish, including the box!  Each card is color-copied from the original, hand cut, laminated by hand, and then hand-cornered by Arnell.  Whew, what a proccess.  

I guess you could say that this deck is made is the Waite tradition, but it's like New Age Waite.  I've done some scans for you all, but you won't get the feel of this deck from just the scans. If you can afford one of these, I suggest you order one soon as possible. I am not sure how much longer Arnell will be taking 
orders.   Just from what I've told you, I think you can tell the cost doesn't cover even the labor.

There are two versions of this deck. There is the full size version which is 3x5 inches and is a full 78 card tarot deck.   The miniature version is 2 x 3 1/4 inches and is a 22 Card Major Arcana tarot deck.  Each version comes with a handmade box covered with individual collage designs from this deck and others, and is different and individual.   The full version is $200,  and the miniature is $80.   A mere pittance for such great craftmanship!

All decks are made to order by Arnell on a first come, first serve basis. You may reach her here.

You can see more cards here.

Connie Walters has been reading and studying the tarot for 15 years. She is a Certified Professional Tarot Reader with the American Tarot Association (ATA) and is working towards certification as a Tarot Master. She has read tarot professionally for many years, and has also taught tarot classes. She is also an amateur astrologer and has studied numerology. Connie has begun work on a tarot deck of her own, and has created several cards for collaborative decks.

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