Reading with the Hudes Tarot by Susan Hudes
Reading by Diane Wilkes

The querent, a highly successful saleswoman, was feeling "in limbo." She was deliberating over staying within her present employment or striking out as an independent. We looked at a Past, Present, and Future spread first, and then pulled individual cards to answer specific questions. The first three cards in the reading are all Major Arcana, which alerts us that major themes in her life are all actively resonating in her decision-making process

Card One - Past - Judgment Reversed

In the past, the querent learned that if major changes were going to occur, she would have to be her own angel, the one who blew her own horn. She invented and re-invented herself constantly, feeling as if the angels were watching over her. She was unafraid to make changes because her past had been such that any change would seem a good one, and that stood her in good stead as her life improved and she transformed herself again and again. This reflected on the present because there were fears that stood in her way of moving forward. hence the reversal. Now that her life was so inherently positive, the motivation to make changes was curtailed.

Card Two - Present - Hermit Reversed

The querent, a vital and active woman, often perceives contemplation as "standing still" even though she also values spirituality and "new age" values. This card is a reminder of the value of going deeply within herself for answers, and the importance of being willing to stand still. She recently changed from selling something that excited and motivated her to promoting something more mundane and uninspiring. Despite the need for this more practical being great (and allowing her to make a great deal of money), the Hermit was a sign to recall what really moved her on this earth, what she was put here for. The querent needed to bear in mind that our time on earth is limited. The Hermit asked her to consider what really mattered to her, and to shut out the chaos of her life in order to really recognize what she wanted. That the card was reversed spoke to her difficulties in being able to do just that.

Card Three - Future - Temperance

Remembering that we are all works-in-progress and that her angels hadn't left her were comforting realizations to the querent. She is in the process of re-making herself yet again, and she needs to blend all aspects of herself carefully in order to create the image that most clearly reflects who she is (note the specific image above). Prior to the reading, she spoke of being in limbo and I had responded with the caterpillar-pupa-butterfly metaphor, which was echoed in the Temperance imagery. This card was a pleasant omen that the reversals that reflected her fears and stasis were going to end, and that her direction would be clear, once she grappled with the Hermit's challenges.

Question One - Should I stay in the same job? - Eight of Cups Reversed

This card was clearly saying, "I know you're scared, but it's time to hit the road, Jack!" Her present employment is no longer feeding her emotionally, so it's time for the querent to move on to something that will feed her soul's yearnings. Between the Hermit and the Eight of Cups, the message of retreat for something deeper and more fulfulling was loud and clear. The reversal reflected the querent's disinclination to move ahead, a blockage.

Question Two - Will I be successful? - Queen of Wands

While I had problems with the phrasing of the question, the querent, being the pro-active woman that she is, had already turned over the card. Talk about Queen of Wands-like behavior. Her answer was that if she took her wand of energy in hand, she would be successful on her own terms, as she had always been in the past. This card called for her to be herself, the dynamic, vital, vibrant woman that she is, someone willing to take risks because of her strong belief in herself.

Question Three - What do I need to help me leave? - Nine of Wands

This card spoke to the querent's loyalty to her present company. She has been rewarded monetarily in this job, as well as respected and appreciated. In order for her to leave, she needed to have some real conflict or unpleasantness to push her forward. It might already be that some backstabbing and maltreatment had begun, though the querent wasn't sure if that were the case. Either way, her loyalty made her leaving more difficult than she realized. I urged her to try and distinguish between being treated well because she made the company money and being treated well out of friendship or common decency. She seemed to feel she owed them for any concessions made to her in the past, even though those concessions were all money-makers for the company. Unless someone made her job unpleasant, asked too much or made demands she considered unfair, she might never leave.

Question Four - What about the new business? - Death

Transformation in the Hudes deck is a lovely process--and there we have the butterfly imagery yet again! The old job has to die in order for something new and beautiful to be born. But change is coming whether she wills it or no. The querent might want to be pro-active about this change, as it is inevitable. During our conversation, she told me that the feeling of transformation was so beautiful and strong that she wasn't surprised to see this card appear. It was an affirmation of the feelings that had washed over her. The fact that this version of the card is so very positive was helpful to her.

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